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Golden Rule Lodge No. 159, F. & A. M., Thursday, June lst, 1876. Whebkas, Almighty God in the dispensaion of divine providenc has removed by leath our well beloved and highly eateemed brother, Fred. G. Shelmire, Therefore be U Resolved, That this lodge is sadly and sincertly afflicted by the melancholy and unmiely death of our dearly beloved brother, and while we deeply mourn his loss, we recognize in his death the uncertainty of lite, and eel assured that he has been summoned by he Grand Warden of heaven irom labor on rth to everlasting refreshment in the Grand jodge on high, where friendahip, morality and brotherly love ever abounds. Resolved, That we tender our heartfelt ympatbies to the parents and friends of our eceased brother, and will always extend to iiem the hand of fraternal and brotherly ove. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions e spread upon minutes of this lodge, and also lublished in the city papers, and that a copy e inscribed and transmitted to the family of ur deceased brother. U. M. JONES, ; Z. EOATH, V Com. J. Q. A. SESSIONS, ) Poetky fob Home and School, New York : G. P. Putnam's Sons. The selections in this little volume were made and arranged by Anua O. Bracltett, and Ida M. Eliot. Misi Brackett gives .in her preiace her reaaon lor adding this compilation of poema to the many already in exitnee ; the need oí something to answer the demand of teachers in school wort. It is often very difficult to lay hands on juBt what is wanted for recitations, and we really think the present volume will supply acceptable help in that direction. The selections are varied in character, running througb. the poets from Uhaucer to Longfellow, and the names of the authors are sutKcient guaranty of their excellence. Most of them also aie of old enough date to have stood the test of time, and thote of recent appearance are f ully up to the standard. The first part, designed for children from " six to ten years of age," is especially charming. The book need by no xneans be conüned to tke school room, but is a pleasant one to have lying round at home, where one can refresh one's self with an occasional glimpse of old favorites at odd momenta. For sale by Shkkhan & Co., State Street. A Suoosssful Mekchant.- The successful merchaiit is the one wh# keeps the best class of goods of all kinds, and sells full weight goods, and as many of them are aware of the fact they keep D. B. DeLand & Co.'s Best Chemical Saleratm.