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Poetry: For The Signal Of Liberty: The Slave's Farewell To V...

Poetry: For The Signal Of Liberty: The Slave's Farewell To V... image
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FarewH, farcwell, forcver. Thou land where slavcry reigns, , Witli all thy rocks and rivers, And all thy suimv pi. mis. Farcwell, farcwell, plantation, Whcrc I so long havo dweil, And thee, O I bloody nation How deep ihy stains of guili ! Farewell, my lendcr mother, That over me hnih wept - Thai olt the sigh would smothor, When watching whilc I stept. Fnrowell niy yoiiihful brother, No inore thy face I'll sec, But o' er ihee one doth hover Whu still will comfort theo. Forewoll, niy gentle sister, Farewell, tq all thy nioans ; No more 111 le a listner To thy hcart ronding groana. Fiirowell, thou land of eorrow, Forovcr fare thee woll, Long, ere the dawn of morrow, Noonc,can of mo teil. For by the gushing fountain, There ia no rest for me; JNor on tho travere'd mountain, Whore liuiunn cyc can sec. But in thos-e dcaerts dreary, Wliare foot8lcps never trod, I'll rest when 1 nm weury, Upon thegrassy sod. Therc wlicre the benria growling, Wlierc poisnous serponts coil, "Where liun,'ry wolvcs nrc howling, And watctring for their spoil: Even there I'll soek toliide me, Frorn mnn tnoro fierco than thcy - Kind Trovidenco will gitide mo Alung the weary way. And when the sun declineth Beyond the western sky, The moon that tncekly shincth Will cheer me frim on high. Her light will guide me onward, I'll watch thé' Northern Stur. The home I eeek is northward - Alas ! that home is far. fiut oh ! that land Hl seek it Although ihe wny be long ; I'li plant niy footsteps on it And eing sweet freedom's song. Then. then farewell forever, Thou land whore slavery reigns ; With all thy rocks and nvers. And all thy etinny plains. April 'Ui, 1846.