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Among many exploits that are chronicled of Fred Burnaby, the exceptionally strong Engliah guardsman, it is related that when he was Times correspondent at the Oarlist headquarters, he captivated the heart of Don Carlos by throwing a donkey over the garden wall of a convent. The animal feil among the mms, who naturally conjectured it to be the evil one, a surmise which was for the moment strengthened by the tremendous braying of the creature and the rapid vibration of his ears, which gave its head the look of a windmill. Keturning to England after getting tired of the hardships of the Oarlist headquarters, he took up the study of Kussian and Arabic, doubtless with some referenee to his contemplated eastern journeying. In the interval between his return and his winter journey to the Oxus ho made a dash into Central África to look after Gordon or Stanley, journeying as far as the Sobat river, where he met the former. It was at this place that he lif ted a hippopotamus on a wager, exciting the natives to sucha degree that he was immediately proclaimed king of one of the most warlike tribes of the interior, the existing sovereign having his laat promptly mashed over his eyes and dis person thrown into the river. Capt. Burnaby had some difficulty in convincing his new subjects that he declined the honor thus unexpectedly thrust upon him, but he finally did so, whereupon they fished out their old monarch, reinflated his hat, and set him on his throne again, dripping like an otter. He returned on a camel across the Berber desert, giving the amazed Arabs occasional exliibitions of his strength. At Korosko, in the presence of a great nuraber of sheiks, he broke in two the musket of the oldest and most powerful of those chief tains which had been handed him to experiment on ; but instead of admiring the feat, the sordid Arabs pronounced it black art, and insisted on payment for the ruined weapon. This proposition was finally acceded to, the captain telling down the stipulated number of ooms, twisting the last one asunder as if it had been a macaroon. He desired to retain i broken half of this as a souvenir, but the penurious sheik refused, insisting ■ ■il 1a ,-1 i - - „ , . T. - Ü T A-- - -. t ■ tI a 1 sLuuuormy on Doin moienes. lüe Arabs thought their visitor possessed, and seemed joyful at his departure. His Khivan journey, just finished, winds up the tail of his achievements and brings him back to the metropolis and the cavalry barraok a full-grown social lion of the smaller sort, who will be heard of and seen in all the fashionable salons of the season, but who by the next will very likely have shed his claws and mane and relapsedinto an enormous and prematurely -worn-out sub-officer of the cavalry service, with little of achievement to fall back upon, except a few daring and foolhardy escapades, undertaken Wth no sufficient purpose, and carried through with the force Of a restless and uneasy vanity which would rather astonish the world than serve it. ■ This greatly gifted young man seems to have overdone everytM?"' 11ïti will hdfi wonder if he does before he has amvef ax lts itm "BAlëF?tance.


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