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A Romance Of The Signal Service Bureau

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I heard a couple of days ago a hitherto-unpublished romance connected with the life of ene of the most prominent officials of the Signal Service bureau. Ho was, my informant states, once engaged to be married to a lovely, charming and wealthy girl. The eve of the wedding had dawned - if an eve can dawn- and they were occupying the same rocking-chair and taïking as inanely as only lovers can talk, when the fair one said : " Albert, duckey, there is one thing I wi3h you to do when we are married." "Name it, lovey," ho replied, making her feei that her corsets were a mile too large for her. " That is, petty to have no rain on Mondays, because, you know, darling, that Monday is washing day, andif the things are notwashed and dried then the week's work is so f earf ully put back. You will, won't you, my owny ?" The young man's heart wss torn, but he replied : "Maud, dearest, my duty to my bleeding country demands imperatively that I shall whoop her up the precise sort of weather that heaven will probably send impartially during the next twenty-f our hours upon the just and the unjust, without regard to age, sex or previous condition of servitude. If an area of barometric disturbance exista in the Middlo States on Monday, how can I consistently with my duty declare that the probabilities favor clear weather with light winds f rom the southeast? No, angel ; ask me anything but that. I could not love thee, dear, so dam much, loved I not honor more." "Then you do not love me," she sobbed, bursting into tears. The reader will readüy understand how they progressed to a quarrel and parted enemies. She returned his present, and is now lecturing on woman's rights, and he is a conflrmed misogynist and sits up all Sunday night et the Signal Service office, with flendish glee makiug out bulletins for Monday announcing falling barometers, atmospheric disturbances, heavy rains, showery


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