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Nice Cheap Pudding. - One quart of milk ; four tablespoonfuls of flour ; four eggs ; six tablespoonfuls of sugar ; nut meg. Steam three-fourths of au hour. Baohelob's Loaf.- Four eggs, beat yelks and whites separately; one quart warm milk; add one-fourth of a pound of butter. Stir in one pint of corn meal and add the eggs after they are well beaten. Bake one-half hour in a rnorlerately hot oven. Apple Pies. - Take nice tart appies - Spitzenbergs are best, although pippins, greenings, russets, etc, are excellent. Slice them ; ñll the under cnist an inch thick : sprinkle water over them ; add a spoonful or two of water ; cover with a thin crust, and bake three-fourths of an hour in a moderate oven. Sponqe Cake.- Ten ounces of flour, ten eggs, one pound of powdered sugar. Stir the yelks and sugar together, beat the whites tO a stift" froth, grate the rind of one large fresh lemon, and add the juico while mixing; a little salt. Mix all as quickly as possible, not stirring too long, and instantly put into a moderately hot oven. Pocketbook Kolls. - Take one teacup yeast, one pint new milk, one egg well beaten, tliree tablespoons sugar, one-half cup lard. Flour stiff enough to roll out ; tben put in a warm place to rise. When light, roll into a sheet, spread butter as for pastry, doublé it over and cut with a round lid. Bake in moderate oven. Oentennial Bisoüit. - Make good corn muflh, just as if you were going to eat it with milk. When it is lukewarm, take a quart of it, work in flour enough to make a stiff dough, make it into biscuits, put in your bako pan and set in a warm place over night; bake in a very hot oven, and you havo the best and sweetest biscuits jou ever ate. Eat while hot for breakfast. Cabbage Salad.- One small cabbage or a half of a large one ; one cup of vinegar ; twelve teaspoons salt ; one'of pepper ; one of mustard ; six tablespocns sweet milk ; two full tablospoons melted butter ; one egg ; a little sugar may be added if you like it. Chop the cabbage fine, and scald with vinegar and spices ; add the milk and eggs last, and brmg all to a boil, thougb do not let it boi). Serve hot or oold.


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