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An Iron Chest

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-It is said tliat llieRothchilds of Francr, havo invculed a wondcrful pitee of mechanisra to prevent any removal of their deposits. ifa person attempts the lock, or tatnpers wilh t in the slightcst degree, an ron hand or arm thrust out from the door, clcnchcs the offender and hold him mot ion loss in its i ron embrace, while at tho same instant a bell is struck in a room over head, occupied by a watchmnn giving him notice that his presence is rëquired in the room below. Should this wntchmau not get down to the assistance and release of the wretch held by the iron arm in filteen minutes time, then a blunderbuss s discharged into the body of the trespasser. Thus he ismercifully allowedfifteen minutes grace to reilect upon the cnormity uf the ofibnee. h is said that a robber vas caughl by the iron nippers and the vatchman came to his release only two minutes belbre the blunderbuss would ïave been discharged. President Day, of Yale College, has resigned the charge of that institution, on account of declining health.