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See 'me T. Jacobs' new advertisement in .„other column. Dou't 'O'S8' ' ftWe'"l the exercises of the . gchool üraduatiug Cluss at 10 o'olook y.. to-dy. C H. Biohmond, of this city, left for St. a last evemng, to attend the Domocratic KnHonal Convention. ' „i,, [ïfelve divorce oases are calondared thö present term of the Circuit Court, but ral towns :ire yet to be lieard trom. _T9on W. Rogers died at his residence in tril, on Mouday, of apoploxy, aged 61 years. haf been a resident of Lodi about 10 years, pr Cocker will addreas the alumni of the nvli Schoo' at the school hall this (Friday) Uff. All the alumni are invitod to attend. ,Xhe exercises of the graduating clasa of , sjüne Hiüh School take place this oveuThe class ïmtnbera oue - Miss Etuma Hfittber- -Hou. W. Wells, of Detroit, has been lacteii to a protesaorship in the Law Departeut of &e Univemty, vice Prof. C. I. Walker, tíjigoed. ,1'he frame ot the new heuse of Dr. W. B. th on Huron street, was raised on Mouday, i iuiicates a building of large aud lofty pensionsJthe M. Church choir, of this city, go fl'hitmore Lake to-day, for iuu and flshing, ni wiU give a concert in the churoh at that jjcetbis evening. - -Supt. Perry and lady entertained the enters of the graduating class of the High tooi on Saturday eveuiiig last iu a most bospitoWe marnier. _prof. C. K Adams left yesterday for a trip , the Bustern States, where he will remain L everal weeks. He will deliver au address the Coumieuceinent oi Verrnont University neitweek. -A pigeon shoot took place iu this city yostirfay between Ann Arbor and Plymouth t(jms- ten men in each team, and ten birds to ad! man. The Plymouth team won the nutchby one bird. -Proí. N. Demmon having resigued the jsition of principal oí the High Schoo), to accept aB assistant-professorship in the UniieIsity, Prof. ■! ö. Pattengill, of the Poutiac gjirh School, has been elected his succes? or. -Agent Sharpless has made arrangements (orconvejing the members ot Company A, ud those of our citizens desiring to accomimj them, to Adrián ou the coming Fourth of Jnly, tw Jackson, at half fare - beiug $2.60 Si the round trip. -Gov. Bagley has ordered encampments of the State troop, for the purpose of military iüitnction. The First Regiment encampment lili be at Jackson, commencing July 31st. He Second at Grand Rapids, Aug. 7, and the lïirf at Grosse Isle, Aug. 14. -Win. M. Hathaway, formerly of this city mdtheAïaus, and for the past few years isiitant editor of the Grand Rapids Post, tv ofRciatea as city editor of the 3-rand Rapé Daily Tunes. " Hath." has the ability to tite liia department of the Times flrst-class. -The next circus that comes to town will peobligedtuseek a new location to pitch its liita, the grounds adjoining the old cemetery, ipou wlncli nearly all the shows which have reiedtis city üuriug the past tweuty year timore have exhibited, has been divided into Ms and fenced. -Welearu that the butchers of this city do si: propose to " accept the situation " anc Ma willing obedience to the new ordinance rariding for the removal of their slaughter:ï, but propose to " fight it out on that ie" in the courts. The new ordinance goes iitoeïect Jnly lst. -On Wednesday Dr. P. B. Rose commenced istiüithe Uircui6 Court against Dr. S. H Dour libel and slander, claiming $50,thft Rose has aUo commenced suit íjíMIheUniversity for the recovery of the yl'rticli he claims to have overpaid the l'niversityon settlemeut. -We woiild oall the atteution of our readsrctotlie advertisemeut in another column oi sa admiuistrator's sale of property belouging Is the estáte of Louis R. Buchoz, deceased, to besoid on Fiiday next. The property coniiíiiof two fine íarms at Whitmore Lake and metal houses and lots in this city. -One of the stores in Einsey ite Seabolt's inr bleek, on Washington street, has been mpletod, and their 3tock of goods removed teto, aud the work of taking down the old IcildiDg, 30 long occupied as a store, cotnnatid pieparatory to rebuildiug. The work a the new block of Mrs. Roehm, adjoiniug ïeibove on the east, is progressing rapidly. -Company A will visit Adrián ou the comis; Fourtu of July, about öü strong. The panywillbe accompamed by their new jiaeoipa, who will appear m their new aud taiful nnifornis. The company have protasd i íew set of white belts and cross-belts, wbicU will add muc-h to their fiue appearance Hi (ieaign to leave tor Adrián ou the day apress on Monday the 3il, going by way of futen. -The postoffice at Ypsilauti was again enWbyburglars on Sunday night, the entaeebeingeffected by breaking through a ■Uliiidow. The burglars had evidently in!"W pon craokiug the safe, but were f rightslsKay before accomphshing their purpose, rág behind them a quantity of powder and i lso a 8ledge-hammer and crowbar which 'sioundto have been stolen from a black"ith hop near by. Before leaving they had teeded in drilling a hole into the safe. 'tomakesthethird time the office has been "tal by burglars during the past two "9 Seniora are making strenuous efforts "ier their concert, next Monday eveniug 'tuirersity Hall, a most entertaining affair. uidition to the üniversity Glee Club, the quintette from Spiei's Orchestra, ■ Detroit, havs been secured, includiug Mr. s)iliimself, who will perform on his favortrument the 'cello. The well known ten'■'■H. Thompson, of Detroit, has aleo been 1 take a part in the programme. !: n the fact that a greater expense tban in W has been necessarily inourred, Cato behoped that the people of this city Wrtáaity will generously aid the undertakN l!' their piesence at the concert. ihe Armory of Company A will be the DÍtftivity and general rejoicing Fri■■'Ifeniíig, Jane 30th. The particular occa will be the first appearance of flew drum corps, f ully equipped and uni! 'ie Company purchased, a short !l"ce, six ot the best snare drums made J " United States, and the citizens have 'ted the members of the corps with beauUue uniforma trimmed with white. The "we the best equipped druin corps in !itte. and thoy intend to invite their s'othe Armory next Friday evening 'hiid of jubilee. At sevon o'clock they P'í a parade ou the street, and at eight ■lVltlll return to the Armory where they '""ettheir fiiends. ( .!lle patriotic citizens of Dexter and vicinj-'nd to celébrate the coming Fourth of ' " becoming manner. The programme 'ncludo a natioual salute at sunrise, a iM t"0ce33ion " which the past and presbe reptesented, an oration, a historiss of Washtenaw county, base ball 'W games, and a display of fireworks in weaing. The officer3 o{ the aay are . aJeut, John Costello ; Historian, Hon. A. Crane; Chaplain, Eev. J. C. Wortley : 1 E' E' APPletou ! cl)iei Marshal, A. i tk ' ai" 'wo 'Ioe iresi(ients from each II L adjoiniu8 towns. A general invitation nded to the citizens of the county to ""Pate in the celebratton. - Geo. W. Cook, oí tbis city, s brakeman on tbs Central road, met witb a serioui accident on Thursday night of last week while coming east on the nigbt expresa. Wbilê the train was maktng tbe run between Galien and Three Oaks the coupling connecting the engine with the train broke. Alter the diBcovery tbe train was atopped and tbe eugiue bneked to be aguin attacbed to tbe cars, and while Cook was eiiileaviii'iiii.'. to make the couplinjf, he was caught betweeu the back and breast and narrowly escaped benig crushed to death. He was taken upon the train brougbt to this city and conyeyed to hia home, and placed under the care ot Dr. W. B. Smith. No bones were fouud to be brolieu, thougb souie are thought to have been cracked. It is now believcd that lús injuries will nut prove fatal.