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-Duriug the storm which took place about ïioon oa laat Saturday a tornado fornied aud 3wept over a portion of the townships of Lodi and Scio, passing about one and a half miles weat oí this city, destroying on its line orchards, feuces, wheat fielda, cropa, one liara, ifcc. The firflt damage done was on the Humphrey farm in Lodi, where fences and orchurd were lowered, trom whioh place it proceeded north destroying everytlnug with which it camo in contact. It struck a piece of heavy woods on the farm of Jacob Beek, in Scio, cutting a swath through it about twelve rods in width and from eighty to a hundred rods in length, destroyiug every tre on the line some of which were about three feet in diameter. On the farm of Thomas Marsh a large frame barn was entirely destroyed, also about two acres of wheat, orchard, and fences ; J. M. Hill had a considerable amount of fence destroyed on his tarm. The tornado crossed the Jackson road just west of the house of D. Almandinger, whose orchard and fences contributed their share to make up the general wreek. The last damage done is reported on he farm of O. Kuhnle, about three miles north of the first place damaged, whose orhard was badly deatroyed. The tornado was a huge black cloud in the shape of an inverted one, and iuring its progresa was plaiuly aeen rom this city. The telegraph ornees in this city were lironged on Friday last from the hour the reult of the first ballot at Ciucinnati was reorted until the uncredited dispatch carne over he wires : " Conkling withdrawn and Hayes nominated on the seventh ballot." But few ïepublicans were prepared lor the result or were willmg to accept it, and not a cheer was ïeard in response to the announcement. The tepubheans in waiting were largely for ilaine, an occasional Bristow man being aandwiched in, and it had not entered into their alculations that the ühio Governor was to be he winning man. And the Republicana of his city were and are only a type of those of ie county, - Blaine was and is their idol. Aa ach aaccessive ballot was reported his gama nd loases were figured down, and when he an up to 308 on the sixth ballot they got their lats in hand ready for a high old swing, 'heir disappointment was ao evident, their rief so sincere, their murmurings ao hard to onceal that the Demócrata had not the heart o laugh at them. They have somewhat reovered from the shock, but as yet there is a ook of sadness on their oountenances, a subued tone to their voices. We know how they eel- we have been there. The Laboeatory " Muss." - The Board of Regeuts held a special session on Friday evenïng and Saturday last, but Regenta Cutcheon and Rynd not being present adjourned, after the transaction of routine business, to Monday at ten o'clock a. m., making the report of the laboratory investigating committee the special order for the hour. The Board reconvened at the appointed hour, the same two Regents beiug absent. Tha report of the committee was made but is too lengthy for our columna, and in the absence of the editor the " sub " has no time for even an abstract. lts discussion resulted in the adoption of a resolution removifig Prof. Rose (Regent Climie alone votiug no) ; In another directmg suit to be commencQd against him ; and in another directing a reconveyance of Dr. Rose's house provided he gives a bond to pay any judgment obtained against him. In the evening Regent Rynd was present an offerad a resolution removing Dr. Douglas, which received ouly the votes of himself and Regent Climie. The report exonerated Dr. Douglas from any intentional retention of funds, and held him responsible for certain stubs marked D, and with the red lines. - The committee hold Roae responsible for $3,815.51, aud Dr. Douglas responsible for the stub accohuts- disputed byhim - for $1,174.65; which Dr. Douglas pays reserviug legal rights. Normal School Uommencement.- The following ís the programme of exercises of Commencement week at the Normal School, Ypailanti, commencing next Sunday : Baccalaureate Sermón, by Prof. Estabrook, at the M. E. Church, Sunday evening. Literary exerciaea of the Alumni Association, Monday eveniug,- Orator, Supt. Ueorge, of Kalanmzoo ; Poet, Prot, Sill, of Detroit. Commencement Exercisea, Tuesday, at 9 o'clock a. il. Business meeting of the Alumni Association, Tuesday, at 2.30 p. M. Prinoipal's Reception, Tuesday erening.