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[By Onr Own Correspondent.) The buildings and grounda being in a noar state of ccmpletion. it is proper tbat tho epistoldry melange or pot-pourri atyle, abould conform to the a-lvanco of the exhibition from chaos to systom. Tho spaca within the compasa of a letter being iatber circumacribed, and abborring a pout-up Utica in a correíponding senso, I will attenipt to embody arrangement, wbile the rhapsody will not bo lost, in the prosaical, believing that the general public accepts tho trite saying, that " vaiiety is the spice of life." First, let the reader remomber, aud retam these letters for reforenco, that the good genius of the exhibition is order. This begins with claaaification. There ure Beven departmenta, fifty-two groups, and sevon hundred and nine classes. First department only is given in this letter. Miniug and motallurgy cteaaing from 100 to 109, composed of minerale, ures, stones, miniug product, metallurgical products, mining engineering. One hundred and ten to one hundred and nineteen. metallnrgical products ; one hundred andtwentyfour to one lmudred and twenty-nino, mining engineering. While tliere are few commonte made upon this important department of the exhibition, it ia, nevertheleas, one of the most poworful auxiharieB in aiding the general management To realize tho value of this aid, imagine a city with a pop_ulation of 50,000 souls (the number in round ñgurea), of attaches, visitóle, exhibitors, in attendanee. Taking the average, these, iu a majority of cases, are straugers. Yet, with all tuis daily influx, there bas been no disturbance, excepting, incidentally, loes than a half dozen. This is oxtraordinary, and deservcs the consideratkin of the municipal heads of our country. Col. II. de B. Clay, the commander of the forcé, has a happy faculty beyond all ordinary commauders (wbich ï cheerfully concedo bim iu this connection), or else our people are the most tractable peoplo in tho world. X will say Col. Clay enforces I strict disclipliue, aud bis surveillance of the l department of protection is simply in keeping with the general splendid management of the othibition. No visitor need foar annoyance, much lesa ül or rough uiage at the hands of the rude or violent. Eougbs are uot in order on the Centennial grouuds. Thanks to norve j and discipline, rogues are spotted in ninetyniue times in a hundred, aud one's propevty, pereon and comfort are roally saf or than in any city containing the same number of people. These facts shonld be heralded all over the , world as another proof of man'a capneity for 1 aelf-govornment and bis subordiuation to law and order, under the so-callod, by despotism, anarchial freedom. OUVE WOOD AND THE HOLÏ IAND. A very interesting feature of the speculative dopartment of tho exhibitiou is a kind of a Kiosk, where several geutlomen of whom I have written are poliahing up souvenirs in olivo wood for the curious, pnrchasing Bociety who constantly throng the countera of these devotees of the false prophet, who, like Mahomet, if the American Mountain won't come to thoMoalems, why Mustapha will come to the American Mountaüi. The articles are curious, and we hope are made of wood cut from the Mount of Olives, for the sake of relio huntera. As for correspondent he can't forget the little deception in this line. aaonco on purohasing walking canes, supposed to have been ent from the field of Waterloo, as memoutoc of a vleit to Ihat historie field, he was mortifled to know thoy were the growth of the forest of Soigries. Ho wever, faith makes it a]l right, and I fully endorse the olive wood. KIE TtliKS. The Turks may be eif ete, but thoy have ' ' speculation in their eyos." Thcir ideas of industrial expositions tako the shape of utility, and each step takou by the followers of Ma'homot are toward the Dutchman's "ono per cont." WithTurkey, as with all warm climates. beauty, olegance and the superflueus go hand in hand, while iu colder climatcu Btrength, dignity and necessity show work of moro somber hue, but more desirablo from a utandpoint of human economy. Tho Kussian Las bis duck, shoetiron and leather, the Turk bis shawl, sandal and pipes, and eo it is and over will be. Tho Turks are a slowrace, but, by tho "board of the prophet," not fools by any meang. M1SCKIAANY. A solid pieco of silver iu tho Mexicau dopartment reminded me, as I saw how immovable it was, of tho Caiifornian who diecovered a bonanza lug. It was too heavy to carry, if ho loft it some one would capture it, heneo he staid and starved to death by it. This piece of silver was too gigautic for the most export kleptomaniac. Itisof circular shape, audabout six feet in diameter. It is the product of 272 j tons; its weight is 4,002 lbs, It produced 235 ouncos to tho ton; the cost of productiqn was $1.70 por ton. A piece of armour plato is on exhibition for the iron-clad Puritan, constructing at Chester, Pa., which is ten feet long, three feet. oight inches wide, twelve and threefourth inchea thick. In the Canada log and timber building ia the section of a white pino, eight feet five inches in diameter and G64 years old. Ruesia exlubita a fur carpet in Mosaic mado of 3,000 pieces of fura. The line woola of ltussia are the Metis and Tzigai and Negreti. Glasgow Sugar Cañe Mili, Scotland, makos an important exbibit of her metal in this specimen ; the material of the two milis, with euormous masses of iron, ocenpy a space fifty feet square. I neglected to mention that the Corliss engino wcighs 800 tous. One lirm displays in a diamond necklace. studs and oarringu, a valuó of $50,000. There are ssmo who wil! purchaao them. The most beautiful I'rflJKBy and majolica ware in tho world ia on exhibition. Peru exhibits specimens of the 100,000 tons of guano she anuually exporte ; alrto silyer that led Pizarro to deeds of valor imd brigandiam, 200 years ago. Their cocoa contain sixtecn nutritivo quaUties. Many natioiis exhibit vegetables in cans hermetically sealod. In England, youug cabbages are callod greons : still smaller are called sprouts. Tlie ordiuary green are termed trjnip tops. 8o i f you visit the old country and wish groena ask for "turnip tops." ltussia ia daily adding to her cases (pastiles). Fruit paste is a specialty, also dried blood, liquid coffee, preserved fruits and inent", ryo ilour, seal grease, and a largo variety of leather. The largost list of exhibits aro from Warsaw and St. Petersburg. The Governmont makes an extensive display ; bo do the nobility - exhibiting thcir appreciation of industry ; a good lesson for the youth of America. Salt reiudeer tongncs aro from Nova Zembla. Portugal liae a list of at least 2,000 lots in cereals, winea, liquors, preserved fruits and meats, olivo oils, leguminous articlea, and wool and cotton in the raw and manufacturad state. j. u. There was a very pleasant donation party tho other evening, and the coiapany sang " We give up all for Heaven" with deep feeling, but tho next day the minister expressod a desire to resign. He said that tliree quarta of beans, a pillow case of dried apples, two pounds of head cheese, a pan of twisted doughnuts, aiid a calicó dressing gown were undoubtcdly very valuable in their way, but thoy seenied to him to forra an unnatural basis to preach sound theology froro. Thatns are now running throughout the whole length of the Intercolonial railroad. Tho road, -which has been built at heavy expense by the Dominion j Government, is one of the most substantially constnictcd linea on the continent, and, aa it passes through a wild, picturesque and comparatively unnown country, will probably soon lv.i',oio ii fwsliionable route for sight-seern


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