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Vo placed in our columns two or threo weeks ogo Circular from the respecied Editora of the ErgnaJ of Liburty, ptilWishcJ at Atin Arbor, Mich. Onr readers doabdeaë recolloct i is drift nd chief deelg, jrhich werc to raise the queslion, whcther ilie time lias nut arrivcd which domand of ifto Liberly nrty to recognize, and nstumo so.iie well dyfincd, dcfiniic basi of general politics? Tho paper ndicatcs scvcral pioposi uans wliicli it wuutd lo well to adupt. in the judgment of the wriicrs. These are ncorly or xjuite all of ihem covcred by our Port Byrcn AdilreBB of last eumtner. Severnl of thcni havo frequenily and freely bcon disctuscd in our columns ■witliin the last yenr. Wc do not now imond to tlocide vrhethcr our friends have groupcd nll thepoints that ought to bc cmbrnccd in ihc dctign propoecd by them, nor do wo suppose thcy intcndcd thoir &n cuestiona as o-ny tliing more than an Outline - a rongh sketch o' the general plnn. Kovr ivo are ready to nnswer briefly, but with ïrlct ificerity and frankness. 'ilic Libcriy moyement wns indispciisadle - ptishcd uji by the ■exigencics oftho times, ond ia stili demandcd; great good hns been nccomplislicd by it hiihcrto. and t ia dostmed to effect inücb inore, i f vfiscly guidcd. All iliis ia matter of opinión with us. - In its present peculiar forni, as tlsfincd and insieted upon by many intelligent Libeny men, we bink it hns cxhnustetJ isclf, or noarly so. Wc öre urgod tohold on, whethor wc m.ikequcsts or not, ïsnot the idoa perfeutly preposcrous - lliis jumping up oud down in a pcck mcaauro - spatting our Iiniid3 muí bIiouIíiijí, "O lory halleluj'nh," 'Einnrioipalion ia coming ? - rho thing can't bc dono- lo bold u moll body of men in sucli a positiou, without chnngc of tory, or varioly f ndircs, and in full hcaried ympathy with no earthly objeel, snvo onc! The Liberty cnuöö is likc that of Chriatianity - while positivo, nclivc, rosolute, aggreüsirc, it livcs and ïlouriHhcs. The moment it bccomc paesivo or negativo it dioops nnö dies, whcilier in tlic lieari of mi individual, or abroad in theii i i y. Our reform, we Inke it, hna renched a poini i Ut prugrc&s when it must be rior ined ot dc. Tuero 8 no solecism n tliis idea. All liuinun Tecords, o'jstrvation, nnd oxperiunce tcstify. tbal very grcat rcíurin or revolution ín thu hoaom oí BOciety ,bcfoie iis ronches its "manifest dosiiny," muBtlio rrfurm-Al nnd recolulionizcd inuny timos. 'Blctsed is he whosoovor i.s not offouded" nt thia nccc3sity : Ti doca not nt o!l snit uur cuiivonioiicc, or compon whh our hnbils ol c;isc nnd la ziuess, but it musí bo submiilcd lo with wliat of graco wo can coinniund. 'J'lio condilioii of ríorm s thuá foteyiduined. nnd not oilierwisc. The Liberjy cause now oppean 10 he juat ubou ni (he pin. morullij, (hal tlio Tcnipcrunuo cjucvn Btoppcd qi in ]fcio-2-3-1, whon the great strugglo canie on belwcen the olil pledge ag.nnai dÍ6til!cd lirjuor and rc;il tcetotulisni. Tlie outcry ngaiuBt iliu upWard moverm:nt was terrible. Bul the radical eaw it wob a case of hfo and dath - tliey seizcd the standard and ruthed forward into tlio thickest lunksof the cnemy. The cause was eaved, the poor cowardly conservativos carne panting on otter it. Wc may aa wcll now mnke up our ininda for tlin samo tliing, or what is 80 ncar like it, tKal tho diiierence cuu't i)e describcd. Thoiliing itgelf, that ia, a chonge of posiiion, n reform of the rfoivvilion, we regard as certain - fixed as tlio laws of Nulure - oilher noio or soon. To state our idea in a beüer fbrrh - the ejfigencitis of the Liberty cause demand a movement comprehensiva and thorough, on thu priucipleaoi radizal, Chrislian democracy. Nolhing 8liort of it will rench tlic cnornioue evil of elnvery niid o.Mirpnto it Irom or eystetn. Any thing clse will bc an application lo the more nym'tonis. Indeed sluvcry itsclf ie nolhing more or less than o syniptom of a deep-peatod disenso, pcivading the entire social liody. The question is, how to insiitute such a movement with the liappiosi effset ? Thcre may bo ü considerable choice in the modo of procedure. In planningnnd fighiing baúles, thero ia á vast advnningoon lie fcide of ihorough skitl. The 6uggestion of our frienda 6 icorganization. By ihosido of il wovenlureto put another, which ie, that all tlioBO libcrty men, and all persons who hnve hnd cnoiigh unmeaning EcntiincntulUrn - who are prepared to reduco profosfion and principie to praciice- who see clearly what the times and hamarut; deniand, move up lo nn ndvanced post al onco, cuncori ihcir plans and cntwr upon the execution of them, leaviug the old camp p.iiicily in possessiun of nll É'ach n? think thcy can conquer wiilioui arms or amunitiöu; With our present reflections upon the subject, we incline lo tliis view, for rnany reasona, not neecssary to bc assignud at present. Tw work must bc comiuenced Uy sonu-body - in some localily; let Micliigan have tho honor if it will. Wc thank our frienda of the Signnl for fiiinkl calling niiention to the subject. Now, let them lend ofl". 'l'lierc aro ti tío nnd brave hearl to folio w!