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Marvelous Progress Of Civilization In Japan

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The rapidity with which the Japanese j are assimilating the habits and science of the West is ono of the greatest marveis of the age. Civilization, until now, has ahvays taken the opposite coursa to that of the sun, aud the chango going on in these far eastern islands is not mero extornal imitation, but an absolute internal transforrnation. A few years ago an Imperial Ooilege of Engineering I was established in the principal island, with the view of edncating native engiI neers for the Department of Public Works. Admission is obtained by competitivo examination, the oourse of instruction is very complete, and the college is at present ander the management of Euglish professors, the Euglish language having apparontly been adopted as the soieutiflc tongue. In connection with tilia institution there are well-fitted laboratories and workshops of various kinds. The special courses are civil and meohftliieal engineering, telography, architecture, practical chemistry, and metallurgy. The nurnber of 'students at Jhe close of last year was 272. Ener%etie rneasures are beiug adopted by the Government for introducing the improved manufacture of iron into the country. With this view, two charcoal blast furnaces and ether works are in course of erection, and it is expected that by the close of the present year twolvo puddliug and seven reheating furnaces, forge train, plate, rail, bar, guide and milis, with steara hammers, four ditferont shoars, saws, lathes, cranos, and all other necessary appliancos of the most modern construction, will be in opcration.


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