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Good news for tho boys. They havo invented a patent macliine for curryiiig horses. It is said to save time and do tho work far bettcr. A corbespondent of tho New Century contends tliat farmers should keep but one breed of poultry. It ivill not pay to have all tho troublo of keeping various kinds separate. Select a choico breed, and then keep thom puro. The plan of harrowing potatoes after planting and bofore thoy are far advaneed is growing in favor. This allows the erop to have a good start of the weeds, and tho potatoes are not in tho least injured by the harrow. It is said that the wild grapevino will twine itsslf from treo to tree. Tho coral honeysuckle is desirable for planting near the windows, as it is one of the first vines to unfold leaves and flowers, aiid the last to retaiu them. It protty flowers are favoritos with the bee and hurnmiug bird. M. I. Pierbb calculates that, in a life of sixty years, an applo troe removes from the soil 60 pounds of nitrogeu, equal to 11,500 pounds of farm yard manure. To mmutain tho soil in condition, therefore, hc cstimatos that about 175 pounds of mimiire ousrht to bo nnally givcn to a treo during tlio fifty years tiiat it is in beariug. ïne Executivc Committee of tlie Michigan State Agricultural Society are reported to have declarod that the trials of speed at their animal fairs coulrt not be atteniptcd -without bringing in all tho objectionable features of gambling incident to regular horse trote, and have decided to abolish it accordingly. Illinois has followed snit. The cause of "foofc rot," or "hoof ail " in cattle is generally muddy or damp yards. Cows that are kept in dry yards, and aro not obliged to wade throngh to fret their drink, are selctom troubled with fouls. The cure is easily efi'eeted by cleauing the sore feet out, thoroughly scraping off all disprganized skin or ilesh, and rubbing in well a salve composed of fmely powdered blue vitriol and laid ; equal parts by weigiit. The feet should also be kept dry. The London Live Stook Journal of May says : When Bright Empress was sold at Mr. Torr'ssale for 2,160 guineas, there was much cheering, from the fact that the ögure was tho highest ever paid for a cow in England. The price has, ho wever, now been capped, 2,500 guineas having been obtaincd for Grand Duchess of Oxford, which has just been sold by the Duke of Devonshire to the Hou. Georgo Brown, of Ganada. It is of impórtanos that we set only f resh eggs, so that there may be no waste of eggs-or of effprt on the part of tho hen in endeavoring to hatcli out old or fitale ones. The practice too often is to gatlier the eggs from day to day, and place them in a basket, box or some place of general receptiou; and when a hen is to be set, the eggs on hand aro picked over, with a view to get those of a cortaiu color, shape, or kind, regardless of sge. Consequently some which are set are freshly laid, wl'ile othors are much. older ixd perhaps stale; these undoubtedly would not be set if it was known how old they wore. This difficulty would be entirely overeóme by marking with lead pencil on each egg, at the time of collection, the date when laid, and if it is known by what hen, note that also; then, in selecling eggs for a sitting, those of too great age are readily excludod. A coiïiïEsroNDENT of the Prairie Farmer says that any land that wül raiso good lndian corn will raise brooni corn. The ground shoiild be wcll pulverized with the harrow, then planted with a planter made exprossly for the purpose, either by itself or nttached to a commou two-horse corn-planter. Care should be taken not to get the seed too thick, as in this case the brush will be small, or too thiu, as it will then grow too larga for marketable brush. About two and a a half quarts of soed will be sufficient tor an acre. Plant any time between the tantli of May and the lst of July, in this latitade, 41 deg. When the spires are up about two inches go over it with a harrow, cspecially if it be too thick. Doivt be afraiil of hurting tho growiug plants. Then go over tho ground with a roller. It is a good plan to roll as soon as planted. Treatit as you would ïndiau corn by culti vating till the blades shade tho eroimd.


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