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Liebig has kIiowu that oatmeal is almost as nutritious as the very best English boef, and that it is richer thau wheaten bread in the cloments that go to f orín bono and muscle. It ia said that common mullein, steeped strong and sweetened, is highly beneflcial for consumptives. It should be gathered in tho eary sumnier, dried, and taken continuously for somo months. To remove red ante, buy flve cents' worth of calomel and put it on a plato with sirup, where the ants trouble you; thcy will disappoar; or cayeime pepper is said to be a good cure for ants, as well as mice and otker vermin. BüEAKFAST MUFFINS. - TwO OggS well beaten with one cup of sugar and a lump of buttor the size of au egg; to tliis, add oue pint of swoet milk, with two teaspoonfuls of yeast powder worked thoroughly through oue quartof iiour; bake in muffln rings on top of the range or iu gem pans in a quiok oven. Boston Brown Bread. - Threo and threc-iourths cups of Indian coru meal, two and one-half cups rye meal, not flour, two-thirds cup molasses, one quart railk, oitlier sweetor sour; two even teaspooLfuls soda dissolved iu milk; steamintin pudding-boiler five houi'B; take off tbo cover and set in the oven with the beans to remain till morning. Wherb all other means have failed to extermínate bedbugs, sulpluirous acid gas bas succoeded. Take everything out of the infeated room, plug up all the windows tightly, close all chimneys, and enmty about oiui ouucc of powdered sulphur on a pau of hot coala, placed in tho muidlo of the floor. Shut the doors and cover all cracks; let the sulphur burn as long as it will. Where the room is large, it is a good plan to lasten a bit of tin tube to the bottom of the pan, and to tliis connect cnough small rubber pipe to lead out of tho nearest door. By blowing into tho end of the pipe with the bellows, the sulphur wili be caueed to bom more quiekly by the draft created, and to give a denser smoko. Aftor the sulphur bas burnod, paint all tho cracks in the fioor and aroiuid the rnob board with a stroag solntion of eorrosive sublímate, and treat the f urnitnre to the same before replaoing it. We havo Been a room frightfully infostcd, complotely freed by this plaa. - S'cientifio Amerieati.


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