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The Public Lands: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Letter to the Editor
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Mkssks. EniTons : -I noiice id your Jast, on anide froni tl o (Pa. , Spifitof Liborty, ÜQ bclialf ol'an object tliat I at liuly glad lo etc rcconiniended, i. u. thnt ví lib eratihg the Public Lumia iroiii bting monnpo Ii.üJ by GovernitiLiit or speculutors. I huv v,-iitien Borne on the suhjccf, nnd weight-d it t íny full eatisfticiion fot the last two ycars, nnd consider it a matter sccond in importanco lo oír toimtiy or thc world, to the greatry canee, ba Ving for lts objccts the aiuelioratiori oí (he condiiion of mon in nu ciuinetu degreo giving to actual st-ttlcrs, a altare of :he public do miin. h is nol my object, at thiBiimo, to ree irmieitd for, or ngninst what i calltil, lakin-. light grounds on all ijucstions, or miking additio8 to ou' fonncr creed, "Liberty to ihc Coi livci," i. e. the gruat ono ideo, - bui I do t-;i) llint, wlicnovor the Lilnily il i ik projitr to Inko furflior politici! groutid titan at picsont, let that (tho frccdoni of thu land) bc rioitt, und lust alter the 41 ;it subject ol luiinan frcedoni. It is to bc hoped ihut Liberty uien and jincr6 will look carcfully and deeply into tlus r 1 1 1 1 grent and bunovolcnt subject. Tho writcr oi lliè nrtiele abovo alludcd to in tho Sigrud oí Marcli-'., yivtó Uut a inore wkctcli of what umy bc ülld III it.-J lu'li.ili. I have not time at picsont (o e#y more. Perhapn 1 may takc up the iuüjcc{ rtgeiïl, at buim; (uuiro pci lod. Lot all wlio wouhi obtain o knosvle )ge of lts rncrilo and objectö, reaJ youug Ainci ca. theoigui Of thui ouliiect.