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Over and over again the radical papers say Rutherford B. Hayes was mever boaten. He waa beateu by Henry Banning ia 1872, when the two ran for Congres ; aud he was beateu in a district tliut had jjreviously givon ovpr 1,000 Republicau nuajority. -lltirtford Times. The way to secure reform is to Bee tbat the different dixtriots elect gotxl men to Conress. ïhere is wher reform will begin. We give the Presidency too much iuiportance. We eau ever have a good administraron until we keep the bummers and strikers out ot Congress. - New York Herald. A Republioan papor says the action of the House, in its retrenchment, is " to cripple the governwent." A its appropriations are suttioiunt for all honest expenditures of the government for a year, and as Congress will meet again in ti vo months, there ia no danger tbat the government will be orippled. But the.action of tbe House tenda only to " cripple " the thitves. - Harttord Timet. A. correspondent of the Chicago Tribune telegraphs frora South Bend, Ind., that Bchuyler Colfax heartily indoraea the Cinciuunti ticket. That is welL Let ub hear now from the rest of the names tbat were on Oakea Ames' little bouk. - i. Louis liepuhlium (Dein.) The great evil of the day ia ürautiara, atid Grantism does not nccessarily die with the retiremeut of General Orant. If the whole gang of official pltinderers are to come again into office, cloaked by the good repute of two honest men, the evil will remain to fasten a atronger hold upon the institutions of the couutry. - Ai Orlean Picayunt. Mr. Cari Sohurz says of Gov. Huyes that he was not bom to be a leader, but on the contrary, requires one. This is a sound analysis of the man, and Hayes has already found his leader. It is old Simos Cameron, the Winnebago ohief. - N. Y. Sun. It is said by some of Senator Morrill's friends that he personally ia not ftiendly to the politioal aspirations of James G. Blaine, and that iü one of the strongest reasons which have induced him to consider the political propriety of declining the Treasury portfolio. It is certain that many of Morriü's friends in the Senate have strongly urged him not to accept the Secretaryship, for the reason that his acceptance would probably admit Blaine to the Senate, whore Conkling and Morton are not anxious to wolcome him aa a political co-worker during the next four years. - Botton Herald.


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