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THE ENEMY OF DISEASE ! THE FOE OF PAIN TO MAN AND BEAST. Is the . rund Old MUSTANG LINIMENT Which has atood the lest of forty yeara. - There in no Sore it will not beal, no I .uim-nrs : will not cure, no Aohe, no Pain tbat afflicte th Human Body, or the Body oí a Hora e or otber do uu'ft ir: animal, that does not yield to its raagi touch. A bottle eosting Ite., 50c, or $1.00, ha o ten Hfived the life of a human heing, and roitorec to life and usefulnes man a valuable horse. National Centennial Eoute. TAK E THE Baltimore&OMoR.R THE ONLY DIRECT BOUTE TO THE CENTENNIAL VIA. WASHINGTON CITY ! By tlns line passenger are landed at the Cen tenmaJ Groundn, or at Broad a nd Pine Streets, in vicinity of the leading hotela in Philadelpbia, a thy may prefer. Holders of Through Tickets CAN STOP OFF AT THE National Capital ! And vWt the Government Buildings and the many objeets of interest in and about Washington City. Travelers desiring A SPEED Y, PLEASANT & COMFOETABLE TRIP Should remember that the Baltimore & Ohio üailroad Is celebrated fnr its elegant Coaches, Splendid Ho tels, Grand and Beau ti ful Mountain and Valley Scenery, and the many points of Historie interes along its line. ffKSSFcFnre will nlway be a IjOW a -"''-■ by nny oí her JLinc. PULLMAN PALACE OARS KUN THROUGH WITHOUT CHANGE Bet we en the principal WESTEEN & EASTEEN CITIES For Through Tickets, Baggage Checks, Movement of train, SUeping Car Accoimnodutions, &. &c, apply at Ticket Oraes at all principal points NORTH, SOUTH, EASTOR WEST E. R. DORSKY, U M. COLE, Ass't Gen'l Ticket Ag't. Gen'l Tickut Agt THO8. P. BAHKY, THOS. K. KHAKl, West'n Passenger Agent. M aster of Trausp'n SherifTs Sale. BY VIRTUE of one writ of exeeution, issuec out of and unrler the seal of the Circuit ('ouri for the County of Washtenaw, to me directed anr delivered, I did on the seventh day of December, A. 1 . 1876 , Ie vy upon all the right title and interest of Charlea Tripp, i hftrleo T. Wilraot, William W. Whedon, Harvey Corn well , G eorge P . Rose, and Andre J, Sutherland, in and to the following deacribed rc;il eistate, uituated in the County of wat-htenaw, State of Michigan, to wit : Part of section twenty-nute, in townshiptwo south, range six east, and bounded as followH, to wit: Commpncing ata puint on the north line of Uuron street, as continned easlerly froin the east line of tbe village plat uf the village of Ann Arbor, three hundred und thirty-two feet from the southwest corner of a piece of land heretofore deeded by Edwin 8. Cobb and William R. Thompeon, and thoir wives, to Jane Ann Miles; thence running easterly on the south line of Huron street, as continued eKht rodrt ; thence nortlieaaterly at nght affiglea with ftaid north line of Huron street one hundred and tiity toet ; thence weHtwardly at right angles to aid last mentioned line. and parallel to safd Uuron street, continued eiht rods; thence soutberly to the place of beginning, which above described property 1 hall expoae for sale at public auction to the hi'hest bidder, at the south door of the Court House, in the city of Ana Arbor, on the 2!Uh day of June, A. D. 1876, at ten o'clock a. m. of said day. Dated Ann Arbor, May Uth, 1876. 1582 M. FLBAUNG, Sheriff The above sale ís adjourned to Thursday, July 13, 187t, at the same place and time of day. Dated, July 26, 1876. M. FLEMING, Sheriff. Sheriffs Sale. BY VIRTUE of one writ of execution, issued out of and under the seal of the Circuit Court :r the County of Wanhtenuw, to me directed unl deliveted, I did on the 19th day of Uctoner, A. D. 1875, levy upon all the right, title und interest oí Charles M. Piek ani Luther Ticknor, in and to the followintt U'Sfi itii-d real estáte, situated in the County oi Washtenaw, State of Michigan, to wit: The ioutheast quarter of eection seven, in town four mut li of range Heven east ; also, the eust half ol -he northeaiit quarter of aection twelve, in town 'uur south of range six east, all in Washtenaw Dounty, State of Michigan, which above describ '1 property 1 sliall expose for sale at public uuo ion to the hlgheat bidder, at the south door of he Conrt House, in tho city of Ann Arbor, nn the !9th day of June, A. D. 1876, at ten o'clock a. m. it said day. Dated, Ann Arbor, May llth, 1870. 1S82 M. FLKMI!iG,3heriff. The above sale is adjourned to Thursday, July 6, 876, at the sanie place and time of day. Dated, June 29, 1876. M. FLEMING, Sheriff. DO -NA ril OTACL.EAN, 11. DPhysician and Surgeon. Oiflcn and residence 71 Huron Itreet, Ann Arbor. Office hours from 8 to y a. m. o 2 to 3 F. M. I vi:ijjx; hui m:s FOK HALE. A Urge and rery well bullt brick hotiae. with wo or more lots. Two large fnuni-d hounes. Also good lized brick house and frume house ; un ; small frame house on a ood lot. intendod for ading a front. Por sale on fairterms and a reusonaLe orcdit. AlRoother buildings, Iota, and property. MONEY WATED-So many wiching o bnrmto money appl; tome that I can retulily jtaínfor íínírígood natifftctory invtmtmentB en per cent, interest. E. W. MOIUÍAN. Ann Arbor, Jan. 3 , 1676. 1664 ïi 9 Aday at home. AffenU wanted. Outflt i ind Urmtfreö. TRUË ftCO., Augusta, Me THE Hl LL FA KM FOK SALE. Adjoining the West line of theUity of Ann Arbnr, m townsnip two soutli of rnufto six east, comprinin the east huif of the northenst quarter of aection nmeteen ; and thnt part of the west half of i the west half of the northwent quarter of scclion mtioiïliS& o1 tur"rike; in a" House, Earn, an (Jnfailing Spring of Water, And about tlfty acres wel) improved ; flrst clas land and situution beautiful. Two-thirds of the purchnHe money may remain on tho land throe to flve years. Por terms apply to OEO. E. HAND, OrH.J. BEAKES, Detroit. I Ann Arbor. 147f RAILROADS. M ICI HMlíTÍEÑTRAI., HAILKOAdT MAY 28, 1876. QOIHO WKST. .5 í "s . : ' ♦ L? A.H. A.M P.M. P.M. P.M. pu Detroit, leave, 7 00 1 i 06 '2 60 4 00, 6 IX) j 5 Wayne Junction, ; i; in 4 a 82 4 50 6 47 lo J Ypsilanti, 6 SI 1) MI a 51 5 28 7 12 n Ann Arbnr, 8 68 11 26 4 18 5 45 7 45 ! Dexter, ! 20 4 35 6 06 8 lu ' Chelaea, 9 48' ; 4 47 6 23 8 48 Orase I.ake, 1(1 07 ' 6 49, 8 45 , P. M A „ Jackson, 10 4L 12 37 5 45 7 15 9 30 12 i f. M a.m. KnlHiiitt.w, 1 62 3 03 1 J ;i i ? , Chicago arrive, 7 ::i k pi (; jo, g oomo kast. __JL?_Í 5.PÍ A.M. A.M. P. M. P. M. A. W llhicago, leave, 5 00j 9 00 5 16 9 00 - Kalaraaioo, 10 4'i l'Vi 10 26 2 15 Ü PM. A.M. A. M. . Jackson. 2 12 4 00 7 00,12 40 4 55 9 Ji Uras l.iike, 2 45 7 30 , 6 Í3 9 n Chelfwa, 3 10 7 56' 6 50 10 1] Dextei, 8 2 8 13j , 6 08 10 Ann Arbor, 3 52 6 15 8 36 2 00 6 28 10 4i Vpsilanti, 4 1.1 5 28 8 65 2 20 6 4 11 .; Wuyne, 4 (I 5 45 9 23! 2 40' 7 08 11 ij Detroit, arrive, 6 45 6 25 10 15: 3 30 8 OOinii SundaVB excepted. IHaturday aud Huuday ex. oepted. tDaily. H. B. LEDYARD, Gen'l Supt., Detroit. H. C. Wkntwobth, Oen. Paan. Agt., Chicago. DETROIT, HILLSDALE & ÍÑüj ANA RAILROAD. ooimo wkbx. -1876- soma east. Aationi. Mai;. Exp.j stations. Exp. Umi A. M. P. f. Detroit, dep. ..7:00 6:00 1 A" -" Ypnilanti.... 8:85 7:15 Banken 6:00 S:P. Saline 9:20 7:4.' Hillsdale .. 6:30 J: BridjftwatiT.. 9:li 7:57 Manchester.. 9:15 4:i Manchester. 10; 8 8:00 Bridgevater 9:1.5 ia P.M. Saline. 10:10 4:L Hillsdale 1:15 10:00 Ypnilanti.... '10:65 5: Banken !:S0 10:10 Detroit 12:30 6:ii Trains nn by Chicago time. To take efleot , April lu, 1876. W. F. PAKKER, Sup't, Ypsilanti. Cüüüi ËxiibïtiOD i'Iulapi-xi'aia, pa. 11EÏI8 Greftt International Exhlbitioo, dedflM to eommemorstó the One Buodredtli Ann i versary of American Indrponrtrnce, opeucd Mav lOih andwIUcloM Kovembcr Mtth, 1876. AU the Ni.. tiuns of the World and all the States and Territfr rics oï the Union will particípate, brlngins er the must comprehensivo coUecUon of art trtasares, mecbanical inTeDtlons, sctantlflc diacoTeiie ïTiautifacturing achievenK'iitü, uiintral speciment, and urlcultunü product evor exhibned. The groundsdevotífíl to the Kxhibition are nituatcd o: the line 'f the PennarÍTuaJa Uaiiroad, and erabrace Cour liundn-d hihI fil'ty acres of Fairmoum Park, all Mghly iniprovcd and oniainented, oe whicn erectëd the largeai Imildiugs ever cudstructed. - tive of these covering an area of öftj lacrt. and coming &5,00n,000. The total niimberoi 1 buUdinga erected for the purposea o) the Exhihi. tfoD is over ooe huudred. The Pennsylvania Railroad, THE GREAT TRUNK LINE. AND FAST MAIL EOUTE OP THE U. S. will he the most direct, conveuient and economtol way of reaching Philadylphia, and this greal Et hlbitlon l'rom all seclioas of the couittr. . ! tiaUu tu :md from Phlladelphia wil) pasa tttroujih a GKAKU CENTENN1AL DEPOT, which the üompemf have erected at the Main Entran Exhihition Qrounds, for the accoTuiiKHlatíou uí j.:iss.Mn'rr?. u'lio wish to Btop at or start lïoiu the iiuuierouH large hotels contiguous to this htaiiun and the ExhibHlon,- a convenienceof the e value to visitors, aud allordud exclusivnly hy il.. PeuiKsyU-ania liailroad, which Is TI1E ONLY LINK RUNNING DIRECT TO THE CKNTKNMAL BUILDINGS. Excursión rains will also stop at the Kix-iiinpmcnt oí' tho Patrons oí Husbandcy, at Kim LStatiou, on this road. JKAThe Pennsylvania Hailroad is the grandari railway organización in the world. It contrata Beven thousand miles of roadway, formiug cotitinuous Unes to Phüadetphia, New York, Baltlmorft and Washington, over which luxurious dav and nicht cars are run from Chicago, .St. Louis, Louisvilic, Cincinnati. ludiauapolis, Colunihue, Toledo, Cleveland, and Krie, without chaugeL& lts maiii Uu: is laid witii doublé aud thinl tnekx of heavy steel rail, upoci 1 doep bed f btdkw Btone ballast, and its bridgos are all of IróD of Btooa. lis passenger trains are equipped witïi en ry known inipruvuiufnt lor comfort and safety, ud are run at faster speed for gri'iiter distMlCOS thtt the trains of any line on the continent. The ('oijipany has largely Increased its t'tiuipntent forCeotf nuial travel, and it will be preparad to bulld, in lts own shopjj, locomotives and passenger can ai short uotice, sufficieut to accommodate any exbl deinaud. The unequalcd resources at the commaoJ of the Company guarantee the most perfect aceoisinodatioiis Lui all it patrono during the Onteuniul Kxhibition. , THE MAONIFICENT SCKNERY for which tl Pentisylvania Railroad issojustly celébrated, p áeuta to tlie traveler over its perfect Roadway au ever-changing panorama of nvi-r, mountatn, and landscape views unequaled in America. THE EATING-STATIONS on this line are ubsurpa.ssed. Meats will be furuishetl at sin'tiible hours and aiuple time allowed for enjoying them. EXCURSIÓN TICKETS, at reduced rates, will be sold at all principal Railroad Ticket Offices in the West, Northwest and Southwest. .SHe sure tb at your tickets read via the Greil Pennsylvania Route to the (yenttniHul. FRANK THOMSON, D. M. BOYD, Jr., Qtneral Manager. Gen'l Pass'r Ag'l. The Twojoss PIows. THE OLIVER CHILLED Gr A. LE. These Plows are t-day the two Boss PIows ol the country They take no back sat for anythiug (talleíl a Plow. They don't %u a begging for customer ; they gpt into the hancs of farmers wilbout being forced out on six or eluht months liiue. When tln-y gu they stay, aDd that i.s a auffieieul rpcomiiieiul for any Plow. I simplv ask any mnier, whethtr he wants to buy a cultivator or nol, to step in and examine tht GORHAM de BUCKEYE SlILKV CDLTIVAT0H8 ! and judge for himself, as It will cost him DOthlng, and I will watt on him with pleasure. They are arranged for both corn aod fallo w ; can give the teeth auy angle you choose, to turn the aarth to or from the coru plant, ('all and see thm for yourselvi's and you will be better satisfit-d than you will with anjthlng I can Bay on paper. I hart various kinds of ooe-horse euHivittors, salt, walêr lime, aud alt kinds of Field and Garden Seeds, T am still agent for scveral diiTerent kinds of ihresliiiig machines, amonj thciu is the old reliable Bttf falo Pitta, wítb many new improvenients on separator, with ten andtwelve horse mounted powor. Also, the Jiattle Creek Vibrator, with numnU power. I079m8 MROGES-S. THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST ! GEI THE Charter Oak Lawn Mower AT . O. J. PEASE'8 It took the first nrizti at Michigan State Fair, in coiiipctitiou with the Qxcelsior aud PMladelphia, Hnllriiok'9 anti Voto. SEED DHII-LÖ .iARDEN CULTIVATOItó, vcry cheap i Pei Wire Baskets, Archcs, I'lnnt Stands, Trellis, V:ii' Paper A Sponge Baskets, at Pease's. Or I will malee to order any stylc or patteru destred. A fe FIEST-CLASS STOVES AT COST ir less. The Lever and also PMrien Clothe Wriiig■r, at Pease's. That Granite Imn Ware isa perfect luccess at l'EASE'S. The best "WATER FILTERS k'ery Cbetp, ;ii PEASE'S. Galvanizcd Iron Tohct Sets, vt-ry luralle, at Pewe'ft. House Fiirnlsliini.' (Joods, TIn Ware, Hardware, and 10 reasous for usins: Weed's üarpet Sweeper, at 4G S. Mitin St. G. J. PEASE. pASHIONABI,E DBESS MAKING. Mrs. Wood invites the ladies of Ann Arbor and icinity to cali at her Dress-Making Room, over he store sf A. Bell, Waaninifton street. A fnll nenf new and ltttest styles of patlerus constant r on hand. Qualitr of work warranted, and pric lade to uit the timo. A abare of public patonaire is resptctfully aohcltad. Ivl578


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