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it the recent session of the Board of EeAsistant Professor Harringtou was giv'rsleave of absence, for study in r?e, Md Voluey M. Spaldiug, class of '73 'S!PPointed to the vaeated position. ""fwt Jenney was iustructed by the Re■tlii at their recent sessiou, to make plans "library and museum building,- both lij and museum ñaving outgrown their "Wit quarters. "fke senior "pharmics" celebrated their WBching grmluatiou by a class supper at y House on the eveuing of the 23d kl . V. Green was orator, F. T. Bower ;■■■ ■ Simuel O. Alien historian, and Louis C. ''' prephet. Toasts followed the " stuff 'th spoeches in response. "■Anew ieature of commencement week e 'tWetio tournament, uuder the ausf the Boat Club. which occurred on y; the exercises being walking and S niatchea ; standing, running aud high J p sack race, a three-legged race, a 'ÜWd race, and a mile race; a Modoc bU match,- the fantastically dressed " wer wheeled "around the circle ; " " 1D?i tumblinj, throwing heavy weights, 'SWman sil ver, copper, and tin medals .Wardedto the viotora. The exercises "''e fair rounds being preceded by a JTO procession through the principal stieets, ngh'8baby elephantona dray, Fore? "aself, and a scjuad of victorious city e bemg prominent features. C. J. Kintner, '■ DuPont, and Dr. Herdman, aoted as 2", Neitweekwe will endeavor to give ügure' pace forbids in tais isiue.