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Closing Exercises Of The High School

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The public, school of this city closed anol her very suocessful year on Friday last, the exere.ise of the graduating class of the Hi'h School takiiii p!aie at 10 n'nloclc A. M. on t.liat daj. The large hall had been beautifullj nnd ol.ilmi'ntelv triionied tor the ocuanon, by the jumors, evergroens and natioual dag8 boing freelj' uaert aad intermingled. Every seat was filled bófore the hour for the exercues to comuieuce. The followiug programma wan observed : Music. Prayer by Re. 1. N. Klwuod. Mmic. 1. The Teoule va. Poliiiciiua, F. O. Alisa, Aurora, III. 2. Advantagea of Defenl, A.W. Bank, Anii Arbor. ■1. lOntlnisiastii, Josephine Armst rong. Ann Arlior. 4. The DecJaration of Indpppudí'iirp. J. I. Callahiui, Mina, N. Y. mjuuc ■. Younï Men in ïiistorr, A. Fyke, Strykrr, O. 8. Poetry, the Higliest Art, May iironsou, t'loyd, lowa. 7. The Coat of Popularity, D. A. Garwood, CMeopOÜ3. 8. Two Putljways, C. H.Cireatlion.w, Union Tnwa, Ky. HUSIC. 9. 8ucc(s8t L. R. Hunter, Jyon. Sülf-Cultutv, Nettie L. Cornwell, Ann Arhor. 11. A New Tbeory, A. tí. Pond, Aun Arbor. 12. Battle Fields of Liherty, Emma G. üarner, Ann Arbor. 18. Li! from Chivah-y, K. E. Rudd, Cassopolis.;. 14. Self-Interest, C. J. Beyuick, Omro. 18. Tlie, Critic, .T. V. Smiih, Eaton P.apMs, 16. Cost aud Value, Aitnee Msrtyu, Ann Arbor. 17. (Vnisistency. W. F. Whitnimi, Chicago, 111. Mnsic. Presentatioi) of Diplomas. Music. Dcueuiuuuu ijy ivev. ut. uasKeu. Without criticising the individual }. n lier and readers, it is but fair anl just to 8ay that each and all acquitted themselves admirably, hoi)ornij4 theniselvew, tho clnss they were chosea to represent, their teachers nd the school. CitiMUI and strangers vied with each other ín extoiidiug hearty compliment aud congratularon, and t)ie bouquets giran to each participant, in fnct to each meinber of the large class, proved that their frienda rejoioe with thein in the uuucessful completion of their couroe. We appand a tull list of the graduates : Clasncal Cour- F. G. Allen, C. A. Barrr, Carina Campbell, .7. D. Callahan, I R. Crossette, G. M. Davisou, J. T. Eaglcatield, C. A. Fyke, D. A. GarwKxl, N. W. Haire, L. R. Hunter, Aiinee Martyn M. Marble, A. B. Foud, J. P. Rice, C. .1. Reynick j' W. fcimitti, J. J. Shielda, W. F. Whitraan. ' ' Liitin Courte.- May BrouaoD, Umena Cramer E G. EtuMer, J. Fuller, C. H. (Jreathouae, F. 8. rfcndrickson, Jessie Kennedy, F C'. Myrick, Alice l'orter, ü. L. Parker, W. B. Smitb, F. JST. White. Scieniific Course - Josie Armstrong. NettieAincs Jennie Banks, A. W. Bauks, G. Behr, S. L. Beaumout, Sarah Duuglas, Matie E. Goodale, Emin riarner, A. MasoD, T. R. Moere, Fred. A Patrick H. Rudd, C.Smith, L. V. Taylor, Clara White. ' Evghsh Course. - Dura Col lins, Ida Clemente Nettic I.. Cornwell, Liicy Chapín, Clara Gott, Aura M UlUer. Commercial CVmrjí- C. V. Burnelt, V. A. ChapiD, EnmiR ilaivkin.-, Lizxie Johawn, U. I). IxK'kwond Mary F. McGraw J. H. Magruder, liuogcne O. Rojee, Alicc H. Bogen. C. Kemick, .1. R. Sias Ida S. Tenny, Virginia J. Watts. In the evening a meeting was held in the hall and an Alumni Association organizad. The atteudance was large, mauy graduales of i former years being present, renevring old acquintauces and recalling old scènes and reminiscences. Supt. Perry presided, and Dr. Cocker delivered a brief, pertinent, and happy address. The constitution adopted provides for an annual meeting or reunión, to be held on the evening ot the graduating exorcises of future classes, with oration, poem, essay, a supper, toasts, etc. The officers choson are : President- J. B. Steere, Ph. D., class of '64. Vice President- L. (J. Huil, 74. Recording Secretary- Clara L. Conover, 72. Corresiiouding Secretary and Tieasurer- J. F. Millspaugh, 75. Eiecutive Committoe- Mary L. Martin, Marian Smith, A. C. Angelí, and O. A. Fyke. Orator- O. Harrower, 74 : altérnate, Chas. '3. au Wort, '75, Poet- A. J. McUowan, 71 ; altérnate, S. P. Young, 74. EssayiBt-Julia M. Barry, 70; altérnate, Mrs. S. A. Grane, '66. Toastmaster- Thomas J. Eaman, 74.