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THE AltOEN'TINE HECDBLJO.' Tlio interest takon 1 y thia progreasive South American repnblio in onr exhibition Justinos rao iu giving a synopsis of the condition of the tepublic. Tho Argentino Eopublic sends uh nocimeus of silver, a largo colleetioii of ninerals, orea, cryatal rock gypsnm, cemente, rtificial ninrblo, load, mineral wators ; alHo, wool and uiden, and the product, aalt, beof, nd tiillow. Fow of onr poople tako notico of 10 condition of onr sistor republic, heneo a riof note of this intcrostüig country may bo natructive. The Argentine llopublic- tho confederation f tho Eio do la Plata, or Eivorof Silver, South Aiuerica - is a federal unión of íourteen provnces and throe largo territorios, covering an almost nnbruken plain of 1,200,000 squaro niles, with a populatkm of about 2.000,000 inabitant. It extenda from 22 deg. outh lati;udo to tho straits of Magcllan, and from 51) .eg. west longitude to the Andes. j'.aeh province has iteown Legislatura, courta of justieo, and political govornment ; but ".vil, )enal, and commercial laws are common to all he provincoe, codos of such laws having boen aaued by tho Congretw of tho confoderation. Tho President of the republic ia eloctod for a orni of bl yeara by tho representativos oí the )rovincoa, and ia not eligióle for rc-election. L'he Vico President, elected in the samo nianner, lilis tho otlico of ( 'hairman of the Sonate, mt has othorwiso no political power. The President is communder-iu-chief of tho troopa, iml appointa to all civil, military and judicial oflices ; but ho and his ministerH&rco responHÍblo. 'or their acte, and liable to impeachmont be!oro tho Seuato by acciiBatiou of tlie Houso of Itepreaentatives. Logislative power is vestod u a Senate, of members olccted by tho provincial legislaturas, two from oaeh jirovince, anda House of lïopresentatives, electod by the people, aud apportionod to cach provinco accordiug to population. The Senators hold their affice for uine vaars, and the Representativos for three. rKF. AMEBICA. No ono will queutiou the toleration of Americaim and tho froedom of action extended to all, when examiniiig the beautiea of the Spanigh department, to seo Spanish soldiers on guard, not apparontly uuder any rigorona diaciijlino, yot sauntering about the preciuctHof tlioircommisaion and eyeiug with Argusiau opties the valuablo exhibitó. All this with tlioir side arma on and üi full uniform. If this is uot liborty and the extensión of national courteby to foreigners, I don't understand the term. THE OUIliINTAOR OF TUE CESTENNIAI, IDEA is tho Socretary, Hon. John L. Campbell, wlio in suggostiona, followed up by stirring, epistolary appeals, f ormed the firat original thoughta to the grand project that is now ouo of the wonders of tho world. The honorable Secretary ie a man of quick perceptivo facultiea aml aound judgmout, and a man every way worthy to roceive the praise duo him for bis aagacity in presenting the world with one of lts most ntartliug beautieB, and certainly one of its most kistructivo thoughta. KXHimTION AD-EETISINO. Sitting by a gentleman, on a street car en route for tho grounds with a packago on hia lap that aeemed to diaturb him, I looked an inquiry. " These are morO circulare, 30,000, air. Uince the opening, I am doing all I can to advertiae my business." Poor fellow, of the 30,000 circulare aboút 29,000 are gatherod by cl i íldrcn who ta,ke a card or circular from eacii exhibitor's basket to tako home for souvenirs. Matrona take them for thoir cliikken, tho avorago visitor takea them to show bis interest in thüigs generally, uewspaper men may tako a clean backed ono for an incidental memorandum. Ten thoueaud exhibitora wbo will average 5,000 circulara each, 50,000,000 circulara. $1,750.00 flrst installmeut, 1,500.00 of wbich is lost, but as job printers must live, 111 not continue tho damaging argument against circulara. Onefourth of tbe monoy invosted in legitímate newspapers would produce ene hundred times greator resulta than the circular Bystem. THE TDNIKIAXS. The anthoritics cioaed the Tnuieiau pavilion for two days owing to tho exactione of tho gentlemen from the Barbary States, for it aeems that of ïlorocco, Algiers, Tunis, aud Tripoli nono seem bo Turkish-like in their apeculativo propensities as the Tiuiisian. The fact ia, these gentlemen labor uuder the impresaiou that this boiiig a free country, tliey eau do as they pleaso. This error in juilgment tho management have unclouded, and from henceforth you eau enter the Tuniaian pavilion and cro out without tho compiüsory procesa of "ïou uo buyo coffeo you 110 gtaye ore." MÍSCELLANY. The forma] dedication of the sito of the nionument to the memory of Biahop Allen, the ürst colored Bishop of America, occurred ]at week. It is located uorth of the wost end of Machinory Hall. The base has been laid for the monument. The monument iteelf wül bo placed in position this week. It was carved in Italy. The colossal statue of Wasbiugton will be placèd in front of the Judges' Paviliou. It ia sudpoaed that there will be 200 eminent authors in attendance at a meeting on the 2d of Julv to take steps to write the history of eacu of "the great spirits connocted with a movement that John Adauis taidwa the mostremarkableepoch iu the history of America. Tho coinmitteo will celébrate the annivoraary of the presentation of the resolutions of iïiehard Henry Lee, June 7th, 1776. One of the most attractivo ongines on tho Üoor of the machinery building ia a nickel-plated noiselesa engine f rom Connecticut. It can be placed iu a hogshoad, and is worth $1,000. Texas haa sent a water wheel, car startor, sharponing file, glass cutter, road engino. A pair of wheels is shown f rom Boston, that ran between Boston and New York, making a milago of 460,000 miles, and are yet good for 75,000 miles additional. They have been reduced by trimming % of au Inch, have worn out two pairs of axles, and aro now on a third. Brazil has twenty-four cases contaiuing 500 bugs and insects cach, aggrogating 12,000, noatly pinned in thcir mauaoleums to ita lioors, nmong her specialties. Some of tho Byion strawbemes exhibited measuro four and a lialf iuches in circumference. The studente of tho Masuachusetts Instituto of Technology, camped on the grounds of tho University, occupying 180 tents. The two cheesos from liuflalo, N. Y., weigh, the onetwelv3andtheothor fourteen tons. They aro twelve feet high, and bound with iron lioops. The largest propellor wkcel ia from Philadolphia. Tliis city also displays valuable machiuery in turbine water wueels. (The hose carnages of tho Quaker City are beautiful. New Yoik senda a section of the Crotón aquoduct pipe; it is aeveuty-two iuches in diameter, aud should be examined by all municipal heads, wlio confino themsolves to pipes of ten or twonty inches. The thirty-cight vai'ieties of grindslones on oxhibition vary in price from $1.25 to 4125.00. Massachusetts shows among hor sawa, the boet collection on the groiuid, a specimen circular 100 inchos in diameter. There is an extensivo display of blooming engiiiesand blast f urnaces in Macliiuery Hall. The fat boy has anivcd ; ho is fifteen years of age, fivo feot iour inches high, and weighs 475 lbs. J. B.


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