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The New Secretary Of The Treasury

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Urant has gone into the Seuate for a successor to Ben Bristow, as Sccretary of the Trcasury. Morrill, of jiaino, was Cha'iraian of tho Senate Committce on Appropriationa, in a humdrum party raau, and ha been a faithful upholdor of a faithless adminiatration. Under him the treatiury will fall back into the oldruts, and tho energetic work of Bristow, which bas givon Grant ao much trouble, will bo brought to an end. Ho will be a far more Hervioeablo man to tbs party during the Preaidential campajgn than Bristow could havo been. Ho will use his department as au electioneoring machine ; bo will subsorve the intorests of tho party at the expense of the public service ; aud he will not tir up tho opposition of tho rogueu by iutcrfqring witli ttioir operatious. Morrill ia no refornier. He has not sought that kind of a name during his long period of service in the Senato. The whisky thieves and the otücr ring of revenue plunderors will enjoy a period of rest during the rcmainder of Grant' adminigtratiou. Nor will Morrill borrow any troublo from the cry for retreuchment and economy. These are not mattere in which he has concerued himuolf as a Senator, or as Chainnau of the Committee on Appropriations. Nor will Morrill hare anything of cousequence to put out or miggent in the way of linancial policy. In ahort, tho machino, asa whole, will run in his hands very much as it ran in thosc of Boutwoll. With tho Treasury Department undor Morrill, the Interior undor Zach Cuandlar, the Postónico uuder Jowoll. and the War and Navy Dopartments under Camerou and Kubeon, Graut has a working Cabinet for the election, and all the powor of the Admin istration can now be turned, without olwtruction, jnto tho service of tho party of corruption. Briatow was an obatructioniHt ; be irritated the President ; he attauked bis friends ; ho foll foul of tho riugs which he net up ; ho endangered the iartv, and refuaed to saorifieo everythini? for its sake ; he atteuded to his proper business, and tried to perform it in a creditablo way. Morrill will bo a safer man. Ho will snit Grant bottor than Iïristow did : he will fluit bis collcaguea in tho Cabiuot better- and bo will suit the liepnblio&n paxty botter ; hut m for Tef orm aud tho prof eaaions of the Cincinnati platform, wo shall e akout them. Kailroad Jobbers in the Senate. Tlie olection of E. H. liollins to tho Sonate from New Hampahiro adda another railroad lobber aud tooi of the greatcorporatious to tho ílepublican majority of that chamber. 3Iis predeucasor, Cragin, waa Biibminfive enough' to tho dictation of this intcreat in all In voto and action. Still ho was not Troasurer of tho Union Pacifio. nor owuod by its Board of Direction, nor did he ever pay out of tho funda belouging to the stock aud boitdholders and the Government, 4('4. 000 for f75, 000 of worthlcHs Littlo Rock and Fort Smith bond, wücb jiauMcd into Blainc'a handa, and was uaed "in forty-eight hours" to rcdooiu tho bomU ho had aold in Maine. A large part of tho IïopnbHcan majority in the Seuato ia now compoaed of counsel, agents, bondholders, aud ring dependente of tho groat railroada which woro suiwidized by CongroaH, and havo failod to pay oven tho interest on the capital which they received.


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