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The Triumph Of The Pigmies

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Expcdiency has como agaia with modiocrity as it haudnm'J, to oxtricatetho onco-proud ltopublican party of thö nation, and lttitherford B. Hayos ia itH candidato for the moat important and rcxponsiblotni'it of tbecivilizodworld. The party thivt of all othors was tho ofTspiing of putriotic conviotion; that commaudoi üio hut iutellecte of tlio country an ita oliampiouR, and t!iat has achiovemont to point to in mal) 'a nobleut utruggles for man, whioh are as riobest iewolb in tho diadem of onlightenod liborty, ha jtirtt gropcd and orawled through cight ycars of stubborn incompetoncy, and now inaliCB tho eonfession that íts liighout councüs must tako refugo in littleuosa agaiu to savo it f rom itaelf. That Qov. Hayoa ia a respoctablo Citizen, of average attaüimouta among the politioiana and rulere of tho day, as are tona of thouaamls of others iu tho ropubiic, 'u tlie simple tnith, and the whiili' truth rospecüng liiin. Hewaaabravo soldier, a faithful Congressman, who loft littlo olae than the reoord of hia vota aud reoeipti ou tho pay-roll to tell that he had been a representativo, aud has tlirice been choson to the gubernational chair in hia own State, an office that in Ohio ia horn of all control of Legialatiou and of patronage, and is a puiely mental pmition, without othor than routino authority, Hot a mau in the convontion could lave given a reason addrcssed tothe judgmcnt of tlio delogatea why he ohould bo nominated, and even ex-f!ov. Noyes, one of the most magletic of popular orilors, íailod in hi addres resenting thc ñamo of Iíaye, for vaut of somo semblmice of foundation on which to íashion nn inupiriug f!pc'1i. And yot lie wat) ninatcd, and why ? llia Stat" ifid uot want liim, for Bcu Wade led tbe vital partiaan clement of tlio delegation for tbe pártísfUd leador of Maino, and lióse of the Ohio delegatlon who ainicd at a jetter destiny for Kepublicanism wero liungpriik for ISristow. lïut in the conflicts of ambiion medlocrity wae the opon door to which oach disappoiutment turned, and a State was Deld to the enpport of it oto nominal caudidate becauso tho aooident of hopelesa cntauglement among tho leading competitora premiaed suocess to the one of respectable poeition who waa nearent without a record. And that man was Rntherford D. HayOH. Tho Ciucinnati Convention wasliKetue uu.incils of tho lieutonantó of the Jlacadonian chieftaln when ho aurrendcrcd hiH crown to debauchcry and left tuem to tniggle for the succeSBioni Jlero wore tliose wlio liad beon obedieut to dtapotlsm in nll its moods and oapricw, and Waino and Morton and Conkling each" claimed the scepter, combating oach other, and each resolved to fall only with hia rivals haring hi discomfltaro. A bravo clement confronte d them under tho banner of Iirintow ; bnt it was even moro liRtod thau their muttial hatrod for oach other. It rocaUed the Repnblican standard of other dayB, when it was unatained by shame of the tlúef and the jobber, and proposed to croct it again ovor tho Republican altar, and against it the legitímate heira to the Grant suecepmon mado common and deadly warfare. It had loado and orator, men of sentiment, of conviction, of positivo purpoao, bnt tlntutored in orgauizing modern political victorj' ; they deflantly antagouized, but they were powerless to control, and they could but hope to make mean ambition their ally an.1 joiu thom in the ovorthrow of all the ablost of tho roprcBOntative leader of a degeuerate party. Morton, Blaiue, Couliling, and Uauieron would not have 13ristow to reign over them, and Morton, Coiikling, and Cameron would not have Blaino, and laine and Morton woul'l not have Conkling, and Coukling and Blaine would not havo Morton. Thus thoy pierced eacli othor'H armorand feil in the Btrugglo for the banbleof a day of power, leaviug a pigmy to walk in triumph over their maugled bodiew, and bo greeted with the applausu thoy had inspirod for tliemxelves.


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