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DRUGS. H. A. Tremaine & d, (8uccflJïor to B. W. ÜLLIS & CO.) AM ARBOll, BUCE A FIRST CLASS Drug Store, DSD68AHD DTB 8TDPRÍ Patent Medicines, TOILET & PERFUMERY ARTICUj Pi-eiscripticms Coinpounded Vll Hours. Cofi Main and HuronSb 1564 CONTINENTAL UFE INSURANCE CO, A.nnual Statement, JANUARY I, 1875. .tcruliittltttrd Assi't $6,5H5fi1 Ijinhititirs, inrluding reserve B,843' Surplus beUmgtng (o l'ollcyhotdcnt 7113 Annvnl inciimr 3,SS(U Amoiint of Insuranee in force. 54,9!)S! THIKTY DAYS OF GUACE ALLOÏÏE ON PAYMEST OF BENEWALS. No restriction on Travel. Prora pt and litera payment of claims. Cl Al M-; FAID IN 1874, $600,000. Total leatli claims paid iu laat light ;an 83,000,000. G. A. WATKINS, No. 10 13an)T Bloek, Detroit, ManaRer í'or Michigan, JOHN SEAKS, Diat. A(eut, Aun Arbor, Mich. f888 HRFlNSURANliE INSUHU YOÜK l'EOl'JïniY WJTB FRAZER & HAMILTOT Wlio rcprcBeut the followinft safe aucl trustwonr ï"ire Insurauco Compauies: FIRE ASSOCIATIOE OF fHILABKU'HIA, Incorirorated 1820. Assets, Jan. 1, 1876, - $3,289,798.51 f AMERICAN m INS. CL OF PHILADELPUIA, Incorporated 1810. Assets, - - $1,25P, Assets, - - - S859,;0i[ Northwestern National FIRE & MARINE INS. CO. Assets, - - f881,42M Michigan State Ins. Co OF JLIÍIIIA.N. Assets, - - 8327,493-S The State Insurance Co, OF X.-.AJSrSING. Assets, - - - $175,09! OFFICE OVER THE SAVINGS BANIC Ann Arbor, Michigan. 1568 "THEVIBRATOB" 1000 SOU) LAST SÏASON WITHOUT 0XE FAILUEE 0K KfECTIOS Thtt la tho iiraous Tbrahlng machine Ülit 1t "uwept tho fiyld" and created eucli a rcvolutioii in1"' trade, ly its matculks Gkaix-Savixo and Time1' ïno priucipl-H. íHflLs;HEPfiRD8JgLVlBRATOS THE EN0KMO(!S WASTAGK of r :.i„, -n . viiihoÜKr la of Thrcshor, eau b ■:■ Improved M.ichinn, sufficieni, on eier joh, to mort l )ay all expenses of threühing. FLAX, TIMOTIIÏ, SIILLET, IIUNGAKIAN J llke eeeds aro threhod, separated, clcancil and I oa easily and perfoctly na Wbcat, Oats, Kyo or BwM AN EXTRA PBICE is visuníly pnid for ':; aceda clcaned by thia machluo, for extra cleanlinf IN THE WET GIRÁIS of 1875, wen f"l"' '. tially tho ONLY MACUIKKS thatcoulrt nin wlthi'"' or econoniy, doing faflt, thorough and pcrfi wken othfrs utlerly failcd ALL GEAIN, TIME and MONET wostlng comií tioua, eucli as "Éndleua ApronV "Baddles," "Ikai 11 Pickere," ote., aro eiilirely ditjiensed Kitk ; leM H ono-half tho usual Geare. Bolt, Boxop, and Jour: cacior manaed ; moro duraMo; Iiht running ;ihv ", Ij repairs; noduet; no"litteriuga" to clean op; " troublod by adverso winds, min or stormB. FA.RUEBS and QKAIN BAISERS who aro r ia the largo Haring mado by it will nnt euipko' ''_ rlor and wastoful macbinrt luit will ittsist on :- improTedThrraher doing thelr work. FOtTB 8IZE3 mado for 6, 8, 10 and 12 B Powore. Alao ft epocialty of 8ëtaratob0i d6iip oud made EXPRKS8LT fok steam power. TWO STTIB8 OP HORSE POWERS, viz.: onr proTod "Triple Gcar,"and our "Spar Spood" (W bury Stylo), both " Mounted " on f our whccls. IF INTERESTED in Thrrehing or Grein KW apply to onr nearcet Dealer, or write to nu for IHw tod Circular (sent free), giviug full particular of S Style, Pricce, Terms, etc Nichols, Shepard & Cfo., BATILE CBÜEK, These unrivalod machlnea and extras ■ pUedat kwast fectory prieta by MOSESBOOW Auu Arbor, Jlich,


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