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A Cheap Stain

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-Take one gallon ot i_ . i i uuiber, half-pound fine rose pink, halfpound dry-burnt Vandyke brown. Put them in and mix them well ; let the mixture stand one day, and it will then be ready for use. Apply this stam to flie sap of black walnut with a pieoe of fino spoJge. It will dry in lialf an hour. The wbolc piece is tlien ready for the fllling prooess. When the work is completed the stained part can not be detected, even by those who have performed the job. By this recipe wood of poor quality, and mostly of sap, eau be iised with good effect. Dr. Lee, a distinguished agricultural ■vn-iter and chemist, said in an address before the New York Agricultural Society : " I regard it as one of the greatest discoveries of this age, that about 97 per cent. of the ingredients which make up the wholc substanoe of wheat, rye, barley, oate, peas and beans exist in the air in inexhaustible quantities. To transmil these aeriform bodies into the plants above-named and into grasa and roots at the smallest expense is tho object of nearly all your hard work." Th'is was spoken tliirty years ago, and the doctor says that the views then expressed will not now be called in question.


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