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Milk Cake. - One cup sugar, one-iialf cup butter, one cup sweet skim-milk, one teaspoonf ui soda, and a litüe seasoning. This makes a yery nice caite, and very convenient, especially vlien eggs are scarce. Delicious Brown Bread.- Two coffoo cups corn meal, one coifee cup molasses, one q'uart sweet akim-mük, one tablespoonful salt, one of saleratus, and two eggs. Stir with flour or sliorts about as stiff as for cake. Bake in a puddingdish. This is excellent, and any one testing it will pronounce it good. For mending valuable glass objects wlücli would bé disfigured by common ceipent, chrome cement may be used. This is a mixture of flve parts gelatino to one of a solution of acid chromate of iime. The broken edges are covered with this, pressed together and oxposed to the suñlight, the effect of the latter being to render the compound insolublo evcii 111 uuiüiig ivinjA. A Bkbakfast Disn.- Grate a half dozen ears of green eorn, stir in a cup of mük, add flour with which yeast powder in the proportion of two teaspoonsful to the quart have been sifted, until tho whole is a thick batter. Add two or three eggs, well-bcaten, and a ptnch of salt. Fry as batter cakes, or bake in gem paus in a quick oven, It is not generally known that boiled carrots, when properly prepared, forni an excellent substitutc for eggs in puddings. They must, for this purposo, be boiled and mashod, and passed through a coarse cloth or hair sieve straüwr. The pulp is then intvoduced among the other ingredients of the pudding, to tho total oinission of eggs. A pudding made up in this way is much lïRnter than where eggs are used, and is much more palatable. On tlie principie of economy, this fact is worthy of the pruiiAnt, hnnsewife's attention.


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