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Saturday last resultad in tho adoptiou of the proposed Comtitution by a large majority, in consequence of which tbat Tu rritory will beoome the thirty-oighth State in the Union, and in time to vote tur President in November. Charles Frakcis Adams says : "The Repulican platform is weak, especially in its financial plank. This was an endeavor to catch both the ' soft ' and 1 bard ' money men." The Adamses support Tilden and Roform, honest money and economy. Good hackers in the Oeatennial year. A Kepublican County Convention has been called to be held in this city on the 27th inst., at 11 a. H., to elect delegates to the State and Congressional Conventions. Under the new apportnent this county will send l delegates to each conveation. Tue Geneva (N. Y.) Oazette opposed the nomination of Tilden to the last. It ooines gracefully down, concisely states the argumente to which the delegates and the oonvention yielded, and adds : " He is the people's rather than the politicians' candidato." That's so and the people will seo to it that he is elected. Peter Cooper is srprised at the nomination of Tilden, dissatisfied with both Cincinnati and St. Louis, and proposes to " stick." Well, there is no law against a man making a fooi of himself, espeoially when in his second ohildhood. Let Peter " stick," and let the independents and greenbackers "stick" to him. It may amuse him and them and won't hurt anybody else iu the least. "Stick"! " Undoubtedly the nomniation of Tilden has lost the Demócrata thousands of votes in Indiana and Ohio." So says the Detroit Tribune. These "lost votes" are to be polled by soft-money men of the Bill Kelly, Ben Butler, Hose Field Rchool, - all supporters of Hayes ; and they are to be oast against Tilden because he is a hard-money man on a hard-money platform. Correot, Mr. Tribune, toss us up another chunk of onsolation. " Tilden is an old baohelor." That is the indictment Republican scribblers and street corner politioians prefer against the Democratio oandidate for President. True, but what of it ? Why, this : he will not be able to fill all tbe offices in the country with his " wife's relations," father, úneles, brothers, brothers-in-law, nephewB, cousins, second cousins, third cousins, cousins' cousins, and 80 on to the end of the genealogical record. That is certainly one guaranty of civil service reform. Senator Morrill has finally decided to accept the Treasury portfolio, which decisión it is supposed will give Blaine a seat in the Senate. In that body the ex-Speaker will tiud hiinself out of place. The peculiar qualificationg whioh have enabled him to lead the miuority in the House, wkile bullying the majority, will not bring him to tho front in the Senate. He will have to fall in the rear of Caineron, Conkling and Morton : take a very back seat in fact. _ _ ._ Mr. Noal, Democratie Congressman from Ohio, is so disgustad with the nomination of Tilden that he aunounces his intention to bolt and votö lor Hayes. - Detroit 2'ribune. Mr. Neal is a KnquirerBill-AUen-soft-money-inflation Demoorat. His " disgust " is at ths haidmoney proclivities and principies of Tilden. He has more oonfidence in getting what he wants onder a Hayes than under a Tilden administration. That's " the milk in the cocoa nut." Will the Tribune pleaso erve us up auother sampl? " The man is the platform, and ' the ring-breaker of New York will 'prove the ring-breaker of the nation." -inch are the in&piring words which Parke Godwin, one of the ablest and surest men of that "Fifth Avenuo Conference," the son-in-law of that venerable acholar, poet, publicist, and editor, William Cullen Bryant, telographed to Samuel J. Tilden in response to nis nomination by the St. Louis Convuntion. And the closing words of his message were no less inspiring and significant: "All who roally desire honost " money, diminished taxos, puro ad" ministration, unfettered trad.u, and " the restoration of a true natioiml foei "ing in tho place of a wretched sec" tionalism, wül rally to liis support. That'sit! hurrah for the "Ring-breaker of New York." " No one desires a returu to Specie l'aymeuts more earnestly than myself. tur I beJieve gold aud BiWor are the real standard of values, universal and perinaneut. As I had occasion once before to Hay, the existence oí commercial mediums of different values- on description of money for one class and purpos, and another for a different class aud purpose - is too serious au evil to be longendured. All th ■ money of the country should be of umiorm rulue and roadily conTertible." Is that the language of a soft-moncy man, the languargu of an iullutionist, the language of a man who would perpetúate the reign ot' an irredeemable greonback curruncy, the language of a man who would reserve gold for the bondholder and bank bilis for thti laborer, mechanio, or trader 'Í " I believe gold and tilver are the real standard of values, universal and permanent." It is the language of Thos. A. Hondricks, Democratie candidato for Vice-President, uttered in a speech delivered at Zanesville, Ohio, during the Bill Allen oampaign of 1875. Did Gov. Hayes ipeak any sounder words in favor of hard money ? It 13 A mistaken idea that Gov. Hayes is th Kepublioan candidate for President, and that his virtues, whether positivo or negativo, - his qualifioations, whether a a legislator or an executive, ar now on trial bofore the American people. It is true that Gov. Hayes was noininated by the Cincinnati Convention, and that his name, though net niuch of a rallying cry, is on the banner under whioh the Republican party imagines itself marching on to viotory. But Grantismis really on trial, - the National Administration is to be indorsed or rejected in November. This is the resolution with which the Cinciunati Convention rounded up its plat form and weighted down its oandidate : 17. The National Administration merits commendation for its honorable work in the management of domestic and foreign afïairs, and President Orant deservea the hoarty gratitude of the American people for his patriotism and his immense services in war and in peace. Tha t is an indorsement of Grantism, of Baboockism, of Belknapisin, of the Credit Mobilier Hing, the Whisky King, the District of Columbia Ring, the Indian Ring, the Séneca Sandstone Ring, the military despotisiu Ring, - of corruption, centralization, and all the other sins of administration. They are all saddled upon Hayes, and in Hayes, if elected, are to be perpetuated, and their sins oondonod. If you have ever learned to " spell " you will " write Hayos mit a G,'' - that is : G-K-A-N-TI-S-m! "While Rutherford B. Uayes was iighting for the preservation of the Union, Samuel J. Tilden aided in concocting ' war-a-failure ' resolutions." So saj's the Lansing RepnUican, which claims to be a model of corroctness and propriety. Samuel J. Tilden was one of the "War Democrats" of New York, and with voioe and money, counsel and work, aided in raising New York's quota of the 75,000 troops first oalled for by Linooln, coinplaining only that that number was too small. He did not himself enlist, noither did the editor nr either of the known proprietors of the fiepullican. On that score our cotemporary must throw stones lightly. Tilden is in no way responsible for the " war-a-failure " rusolution of 1864, it was " concocted " by Yallandigham, a Republican emissary (perhaps it will please our Republican friend better if we write emissary of the Republicana), oalled home trom Canada to throw a fire brand into the Chicago Convention. It was opposed in committee by Mr. Tilden, strenuously and strong, and when adopted he dispatohed a message to Gen. McClellan advising hiiu to condemn it is his letter of accoptance, which advice was taken and.aoted upon. " That cock won't fight," Mr. itepuUican, you had better show your genius by manufaoturing a " roorback " not so easily disproved. " Fiqhtino Joe Heoker " was prompt and decided in sending his congratulationa to Gov. Tilden. His words ring out clear and bold like a military order. Read them : " Aa a quiet observcr of the political events of the nation, I know of no one in my day that has afforded me so inuch satisfaction, and 1 sincerely hope and believe that the wisdom shown by the selection at St. Louis will be fully ratified by the great mass of our people in November next. We require reform in politics, religión, and moráis, and I am convinced that we will reoeive them generously at your hands. The whole govornment of the nation lias been corrupt, desperatoly corrupt, and the honor and glory of applying the antidote, I am convinced, will beloug to you. If the facts of vour nomination The DeMOCKACY of this city held an enthusiastio ratifícation znoeting on Dhursday evening of last week, the Jourt House being well-filled with in;erested and determinad Yoters, who stayed to the end despite the going out of the gas and the necessity of resortïng to tallow eandles, - " the light of other days." Hou. W. D. Harriman, ' Reformer," was called to preside, and before taking the chair made a happy and telling speech. He was followed by Gov. Felch, Hon. H. J. Beakes, D. Cramer, Bsq., another " Reformer," Col. Burleigh, and Chas. H. Manly. Th speakers net only complimentod Tilden and Hendricka, but brought out the salient points of the campaign by oharging homo upon the Republican party and the Grant Adininistration the sius they will bo hold to answer for. They were frequently interrupted by applause, and the meeting adjonrned with three rousing cheers and a tiger for the standard bearers. - The Demooracy of Dexter filled Costello's Hall on Saturday -erening lest, and wero addressud by Messrs, Frazer, Crauier, and Burleigh, of thia city. After the spoech-niaking Tilden Reform Club was organized. That meaos buBiness. And this is the cavalier way in which the Free Preas disposes of a distinguished citizen of this oounty : " There is no use in J. Webster Childs or liis {rienda attempting to do anything iu Washtenaw County or in the Secou t Congressional District this year. He lacks revoronce for the high and mighty Chandler, and the ring-maators have a suspicioii that he would not nlways do as the leaders told him. J. Webster njight as well resigu hiinself to a back seat. " To which we object (the Courier and Ypsilanti Commercial lackingdisposition or pluck to do so). J. Webster is a Granger and don't bask in the smiles of " the high and mighty Chandlei." Besides, the aforesaid Chandler was deposed from leadership in this State when the Michigan delegation at Cincinnati refused to obay the order he telegraphed to son-in-law Hale : " Michigan must vote for Blaine." J. Webster "isn't afeard" of Chandler, or Pension Agent Post, or Indian Agent Lee. He is no such man. Will the Free I'rens make a note of it ? does not enhanco the material values of the nation, I am sure your olection will do it. Already I seem to broatho a new atmosphere, as is the ease with overy well-wisher of his country." Aud now who will say that Joseph Hooker is a rebel syinpatbizer, that he pata the ' Confedérate " candidato on tho back ? Mark his words : " Tho whole governmont of the nation bas boen corrupt, desperately corrupt, and the honor and glory of applying tho antidote, I am convinced will belong to you." Again, he seos material prowpority, as well as administrativo honesty, in tho succoss he predicts : " If the fact of your nomination does not enhance the material values of tho nation, I am sure your election will." No wonder he breathes " a new atmosphero." Kedemption is at hand and he sees and feels it.


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