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The Fourth In This City

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JNo general celebration haviug been arranged for m this city our report of the day'a duiugs will necessarily be very brief. At 7 1-2 4. m. services were held in St. Andrew's Churoh. The services had been arranged by several of th bishops, and were appropnate to the occasion, consisting largely of patriotic uiusic, songs, authems, etc. Prof. Frieze presided at the organ, and his opening voluntary, " The Star Spangled Bauuer " with variations, was soul inspiring. " America " was also sung. The congregation was large. Union services ware hold at the Presbyterian Church, the Kev. Dr. Brown preaiding. ?he audience room had been dacorated with flower-wreaths and flags, under the direction f Prof. Prescott. The scriptura lesson was end by Kev. Dr. Haskell; Proi. D'üoge offer - d prayer; Prof. Tyler read tüe Declaration of; niependeuce, and read it in a inannor to make his haarars feel its noble seutim,ents iational hyums were suug, the organist of the huren- John Chase - playmg the accompaniments and voluutary. " My Country, 'tis of hee '" was the closing piec, the large congreation joining, and the benediction wat proounced by Eev. S. Reed. Appropriate services were also held in St hoinas (Uatholic) Church at 7 1-2 o'clock . il. Ihe Turn Verein Society had to succumb to the elementa, and instead of their advertised picnic at the park, their celebratioa was at Binder's. The Fifth ward Fireinen and their friends were also compelled to give up their ialand picnic, dinner, and dauce. The patriotic juveniles, who couldn't get a permit to go to Detroit, Dexter, or Saline on the Fourth, wreaked their vengeance in the destruction of unnumbered bunches of tire crackers and torpedoes, reserving rockets, romau candles, and wheele for private evening display. There ia a heap of fuu in buruiug powder aud making a noise. - 6Ó3 excursión tickets to Detroit were sold, and 175 excursión tickets to other celebrating points. A large number also went to the Lake, Saline, Dexter, &c, by their own conveyances, but the great majority of our citizens made a quiet day of ' at home " - the city reserving iis great " blow out " for the next Centennial. IN THE COUNTY. At Dexter the celebration could not take place in the grove, owing to the rain. A wagon waa converted into a platform, tha patriotic people gathered around ït, the glee club suug a Contennial hymu, Rev. J. C. Wortley offered prayer, Mr. E. E. Appleton read the Declaration, Wm. A. Jones read an iuteresting historical sketch, and J. F. Lawrence, Esq., delivered the oratiou. The attendauce was large the weather considered. At Saline the multitude was not over large - because of the flood, but Prof. Estabrook gave a good oration. The contempla ted d inner was omitted. By a platform accident a Mrs. Wilkins had a leg broken, and another lady an ankle severely bruised.