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Great Slaughter By Indians

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SaLT Lake, July 5. - A special correspondent of the Helena (Montana), ZIerald, writes from Stillwater, Monta na, July 2. Muggina Taylor, scout for Gen. Gibbon, got here last night direct froin the Little Hom Rirer. Gen. Custer found the Indian caaip of about 2,000 lodges on the Little Hom, and iinmediately attacked the camp. Custer took five companies and charged the thickest portion of the camp. Nothing is known of the operations of this detaohment, only as they trace it by the dead. Maj. Reuo commanded the other seren companies and attacked the lower portion of the camp. The Indians poured in a murderoua fire from all directiona. Beaides, the greater portion fought onhorseback. Cuater, two brothers, nephew and brother-in-law, are all killed. Not one of hia detachmout escaped. Two hundred and seren men were buried in one place, and the killed are estimated at 300, with only thirtyone woundetl. The Indians surrounded Keno's command and held thom one day in the Hills, out off from water, nntil Gibbon's command came in sight, when they broke oamp in the night and left. The Ssrenth fought like tigers and were overeóme by mere brute foroe. The Indian loss cannot be estimated, as they boru off and caohed most of their killed. The remnant of the Seventh Cavalry and Gibbons' command are returning to the niouth of the Little Hom, where a leainboat lies. The Indians got all the anus of the killed eoldiors. There Were serenteen oommi&sioned oflficors killed. The whole Custer family died at the Mead of their column. The exaot loss ia not knowa, as both the adjutants and sergeant and major were killed. The Indian oamp was fron three to four miles long and was twenty miles up the Little Horn from its niouth. The Indians actsally pulled men off their borses in some instances. I give thia as Taylor told me, as he was orer the üeld after the battls. The above is cenfirmed by other letters whioh say Custer met with a fearful disastor. ♦■" Senator Oglesby, so the itory goes, wiib expressing surprise that a notorious infidel like Ingersoll should hare been put forward to do the nominating. "What!" exclaimed the Seuator's friend, " Doesn't Ingersoll believe in a God ? I should think he might, if he can believe in Blaine, after reading those letters." - Pittsburgh Post.


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