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Democratic National Convention

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Tho Democratie National Couvontlon, fot tho nomination of candidatos ior President aud Vico President, assembied in the of Commerce, in the city of St, Louis, at noon on Tuosday, tho 27th of June. . Tho conYention watrealled to' order by Angustns Sehell, of Now York, upou whoae motion Henry Wattereon, editor of tho LouiBvilie Journal, was mado temporary Chairman by a uuanimous voto. Mr. Wattcrson dolivered a brioí addresa upou taking the chair, at the conclusión oí which Bishop Jlarviu invoked Divino blessing. The Chair, .aftcr uamüig Frederick O. Prince, of Masachusetts, as temporary Secrotary, aud T. O. Walker, of Iowa, and T. K. Doniphau, of Ohio, as Assistant Secretarios, announced the couvention ready for business. Mr. Abbott, of Massachusetts, offered a reBOlution tbat tho rulos of the last National Democratie' Convónfion govërn this Tjody uiifï otherwise ordored. After discussion the rosolution was adopted. Mr. Snialloy. of Vertnont, offered a refiolulion for a cali of the States for the annoimconient of committee on permanent organization and on credentials. At?reed to, and tho cali proceedcd, with the following resnlt: Alabarna, Leroy 1'. Walkor ; Arliansas, X,. V. Manííuiii; California, John s. llagar; Colorado, i J. Marshall; Oounèctient, E. D. Uubbanl ; Delawarc, Gcorue (iray ; Klorula, John Wrstoott; Georfia, C. r.Twcll; Illinois, John A. MuCleznaud ndiana, D. XV. voorheen ; Iowa, II. U. Trilnblo Missouri, Thomas L. Davis; Kentm-Uy, Alvii Duvall ;. LouiBiana, P. H. Manu; Maine, ]. lt. Ilastingrt ; Maryland, George Freancr ; MassachuRetts, Edward Avery ; Michigan, Williani L. Bancroft; Minnepota, .Daniel líucks ; Mississippi, A. M. Clayton ; ïïïssonri, O. ÏI. Ilardin ; 25ebraeka, OoorRO h. JMkn; Jücwwja. A. C. Kllis; New Hampshire, K. O. Bailey ; New Jersey, J. VV. Gates; New York, Williain Dorsheiuier; North Carolina, Thomas L. Clingman ; Ohio, Gen. Thomas Ewing ; Orfffon, M. V. lïrown ; Pennsylvaliia, Moutcalm Hay: Khode Ialand, William B. Bead ; öoutli Carolina, Samuel McGowan ; Te.unessee, John C. Brown ; Tüxas, Aahbel Kmith ; Vörmont, Janies n. Williams ; Virginia, John A. Meredith : WoRt Virginia, John J. Davis ; Wisconsin, Alcxander Mftchell. The Chair announced that delegatos from the Nationul Woman'H Suffrage Association were present, asking for a hearing, nd appointèd a committeo to oncort the ladicit to. tho platform. Miss Phcebe Couzins, on behalf of the delegation, then addreseed tho convention with much uelf-pouaeaaion, bilt her voico wae too weak to be heard muny feet distant. Sho reforrcd to ''thiif Cehtennial loap-ycar;" n'aicl it was in ordor not only for woman to mako proposals, but to havo thein accopted. If tho Democratie party wanted to live long, she warned them to hoar woman'd prayer, to heod the voice of inspiration, " which öays, 'lIt is not good for man to bo alono," and take wpmen iuto tina political asaociatiou as a matter of eterna! jusüee and ound poiicy. SUe concluded by preuenting reyolutionH 'of tlio Womiiirn-Siiffrago Aseoclution, which, on motion of Mr. MeClemand, of Illinois, were referred to the Committee on KesolutiduH for respeetful cousideration. Mr. Millei', of Nebrawka, presènted a petition from eitizeiiH of Omaha, atAing that a plank be incorporatod in the platform demauding the extensión of the Presidontial torm to eix years, and the restriction of the incumbent to ono term. Eoferred to the Coumnttee on lieuolutiotiFü. "Mr. TlayeB, of Illinois, offered a series of resokitioiiH declaring. acuong other things, oppoHition to i furthxT inercase of the public debt and of the demand notos of tho Governmont, ;ml demauding tho repeal of the Eesumption law of 1875. Ref ened to the Committee on Resolutioiw. The convention theroupou took a receas uu5 o'cloek. Upon reaSHembling, tho Oommilteö on Crodontials, through their Chairmau, made tho following report : Your (Jommittee on Crctleutials wcmM rcspc:otfnlly report tliat. there are no coiatt sU-d üe;its, that (nè States are fully representeel, and that the delegatK rrported by tï)O Cllairiuen of tho respectivo ilflctratKiis to ttiis conventiou are entitled to seats from thcii resptotiv Kut-. ïiupjwct rally submitled, Jas. 1,avvki:nf. J'i,m:-[. Cbuirtiiau of the Coiumiftee. Mr. Rnch, of Iowa, offered a resolutiou to givo tho Territoriea ropreneutation in tho conveution as States. A delégate from Maryland moved to amend tho report so as to givo the District of Colurnbia repreeontation in tho convention, with tho right to vote. ThiH was made to includo the Territories, aud the report vas thon iwlopted. Mr. Hanna, of Missouri, from tho CJommittee on Permanont örganizatïon. made tho following report : 51 h. Oïialbman: In behalf of tho Coramitteo on Permanent OrganizaUon, I have the honor to submit the following repoït of offtcers for this convention : ; For Por-mttnont President, Mr. Jolm A. McClernand, of Illinois; for Vice Preeiöente and SieretariöH, one fïom eacli State. The temporary Secretarios, with ITr. Trinco, of I3oatou, aa chief, were coutinued as the working Becrctarios, aud Sergoaut-at-Arms A bic was nno reappointed. D. W. Voorheow, of Indiana, Mantón Marble. of New York, and Thomas f5. Boeoclt, of Virginia, having been designated by tho Chair for that duty, escortod Gon. McClernaud to the platform. Aftor a brief addresn ho assumed tlie cliair au permanent President of, the i'onveTitidw m.mwm B-M The Committoo on Organization also rocomiuended that the rulos aud regulationH of tho Ktitional Democratie Convontion of 1872 ha I adopted by this eouventioii for tho goTonuncnt of tho procoodings. This was agreod to, and tho report adopted. On motion of Mr. Williams, tho couvention adjourned imtil 11 o'cloek Wednesday. SECOND PAY. lresidont MeClemand called tho conveutiou to order live minutes aftor 10 o'cloek, introduciiig Fáther Brady, of St. Lodin, wiio offered prayer. Mr. Young, of Georgia, olToreil a resoliition that ' tho couvention indorses tlio reform inautrurated by the House of Representativos in cuttiug down appropriatioms, approving their investigatious of fraud, and cougratulating tho Qiuitiy on bringinj; public crimináis to ju tico." Tho Chair decided that the resolution must go to the Committee. on tho l'latform. Mr. Cox, of Kow Vork, offered a resolution that tho will of tho peoplo for retrenchment, as expreased in the Appropriation bilis, i and ought t3 be sustained. Rcferrod to tho Platform Camnn'tteo. Mr. Kelly, of New York, at tho reqttost of somo Now York dolegateH, presented a paper signed by many eminent goutlomen who are ojiposiug tho nominntion ol Gov. Tildón. ApplaOso and hisfes.] Mr. Jacobs, of Now York, made a point of order that this was out of order. The Ohair. so decided. Mr. McTjane moved that tho convention then proceed at once to ballot. Mr. Woodson, of Missouri, offered an amendnieut, that tho convontion wül not ballot nntil aftor actiou on Uio tejsort of tho Committeo on IlesoJutions. Mr. Abbott, of MattuaclmsettB, moved to amundthe amendment by a substituto ordering the roll of Statcw to bo called for nominations, and tben pruCeod to ballot. Mr. Wailaco movod to lay tho ontiro subject on the table. Mr. ïlefjanc aeeepted Mr. Abbott' ameudmeut, which was again read. Loud cries of "No " greeted its propo.iition that tho declaratiou of a State's voto by l.ho Chairmau of any dolegation eholl alono bo aeeepted. Mr. Wallaco asked what wonJd b 3 tlie condition if a motion to table failcd. The Chair replied that tho convfcntion would then come to a voto on tho amendmeuts. Tho Chitir hero announcod that tlie (,'ommiti' ■ pu lieHoiutions was rcady to report. 'J'iio reUCHt for a cali of the States was withdmwi without takin ii voto. Tho Cusir recognizod Mr. Moreiüth, tho