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Samuel J. Tilden

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Gov. Tilden waw born at New Lobanon, in ie couuty of Columbia, Stato ol' New York, i the year 1814. One of liis ancestora, Naïanicl Titilen, was Mayor of tho city of 'enterden. Kent, Bngland, in 1023. Ho rcmovod with hi family to Soituate, in thu olony of JlaaBachufiOttö, in 16ÍÍ4. His brothor oscplnvaa ono of tlio morchant adventuren) f Loiidon wlio litted out tho Mayflowor. 'hia Natlianicl rilden married Hannali Bourue. ne of whose sii,ors married a brother of ov. Winslow and another a bou of Gov. iradford. Atnong tho associate of Joeph 'ilden iii fitting out the Mayflower was ïimtliy Hathorby, wiio aficrward married tlie idojf of Nathauiol Tilden, and we a leadiog itizen of Soituato until expelled frota public fe for rofuniiig to persecute the Quakers. Tildeh'H grandfather, John Tilden, sottled n Columbia eounty. New York, nee then niuterruptedlythe residence thi branch of the 'ildon famiiy. The üoveruor'ü mother was


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