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The Biggest Bear Story

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Tlao Reno (Nev.) öazctte repeats i thus: "IVe ïonght 'em standin' anc runnin', but tlie tougliest citizen I eve lit into was a black 'uu. He was sittin iu the chapparal eatiii' rnanzantia bei' ries, when iny dog smelt liim and wen home. 1 sneaked np and began agra vatin' him. by shootin' at his ears aiii feet. I theii took round him, and wit! threc shot cut off his tail. Old Black; heerd me shootin', and turnin' arounc see his tail layin' there. He picked i up and looked at the tradomark, and ! seo in a minute that war was coinin'. i lit out for a tree, with only two cart ridges lef t and him a comia'. Well, to inake a long story short, I shot twice, hittin' liirn both timos, and ho begun to git hot, so he took up the tree af ter me, I knoeked hiin down three times before my gun broko. He started on the fourth trip, and I didn'tknow wkat to do till I thought of my derringer whicli shot a fonr-crance ball. I drew her out, and tied a string to the trigger, and as old Blacky carne up with his mouth wide open, I droppcd her in. He hadn't time to pit her out, and so lie swallowod uid I pulled the string. Off went tho gun and so help me, I never see anytliing of bear or pistol since."


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