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Soak over night one cup of oatmeal n one cup of cold water and a little salt; m the morning, add one cup of sour milk, one tablespoonful of sugar, one easpoonful of soda, and fine oatmeal enough to make them as stilf as fritters ( wheat flour will do to thicken it, but oatmeal is better). This will make two cakes if y on wish to bake it like "Johnny cake " - we like it that way. A COKRESPOKDENT of tllC Boston Culüvator says: For kitchen and pantry floors there is uothing better than a coat of hard caint ; the cracks should be flUed with putty before it is applied, and the paint allowed to dry at least two weeks before using. Then it is easüy iept clean by washing (not scrubbing) with milk aud water ; soap should never be allowed to touch it. Red leatï and yellow ocher I prefer for coloring ; the ormer makes a hard paint that wears well. Feench Pancakes- Half a pint of milk, two ounees of butter, two ounces of loaf sugar, two ounces of ilour, two eggs. Put milk, butter and sugar into a saucepan to dissolve (not boil), beat eggs and flour together till quite smooth, then add the other ingredients and well mis. Dinde this quantity and put it in four saucers to bake for twenty minutes; lay two pancakes on a dish, spread preserve over, and cover with the other two pancakes. Serve hot. Chbesb Pudding. - Grate three ounces of cheese, five ounces of bread, warm ono ounce of butter in a quarter of a pint of milk, and mix with the above, then add two well-beatcn eggs, a httle salt, pepper, and mnstard ; mix all well together, and bake in a piedish for half an hour. Potato Cheesecakes.- Four ouncos, of mashcd potatoes, butter, flour, and sugar, aud two eggs ; mix all together with a fork, and bake in tius lined with puff paste. To Biughten Black Kids.- Yon can polish up old black kids nicely by putting thcuu on yom' hands and rubbing the" surf ace with black iuk, using it more ireely on the most faded spots. When dry, "thcy will look quite bright and fresh. Eggs with Ancho vy Sadoe.- Boil some eggs hard, cut them in halven, take out the volk and pound it in a mortar with a little anchovy paste ; then replace this in the cup formed by tb a white of the egg, and gainish the dish with a little water-cress. To Remove Ink fbom the Hands. - llub them with vinegar and corn meal. If that does not answer, take half a teaspoon of oxalic acid in a basin of water and wash your hands. But riuso them well, or the poisonous acid makes them rough.


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