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rious ratification meeting last evening. Ex-Speaker Blaine will bully the House 110 more. He is now called Mr. Senator. Judqe Davis has been the viotim of a Kepublican slander. He doosu't support Hayes and Wheeler. The New York World speaks of Cari Schurz as " that winding politician." Expressive, very. Thr main reliance of the Republicans : the sword and the purse. The sword to be used in the South, the purse to be emptied out over the North. Bbick Pomeroy refuuses to support Samuel J. Tilden for President : and we record his refusal with the greatest pleasure. It is evidence that Tilden is j ust the man. Colorado having adopted a oonsti tution will be formally admittod as State prior to, and in time to vote a' the November election. The vote in tbe Electoral College will therofore b 368, with 185 necessary to a choice. Was Postmaster-General Jewell removed (we forget, he resigned by request) for a refusal to despatch special agenta to canvass Indiana and Ohio, - doing uicantimu no work but that of signing the pay-roll aud drawing their little allowance? BRI3T0W shelters himself under his " privilege " aud refuses to disclose " Cabinet secrets " involving the prosecution of the Whisky Ring Bits. Perhaps the ex-Seoretary takes a position legally correot, nevertheless the fact that there are " secreta " which will not bear disclosing is as damaging as would be a frank statement of the Cabinet intrigues to save Babcock, MoKee, and others. " United we stand, divided we f all : that is the maiim Gen. Terry forgot when he divided his forces and sent Custer up the Rosebud aud across to the Little Big Horn, in pursuit of Sitting Buil and his warriors. And tor seeuis to have forgotten the same maxitn when he divided his regiment ; but for which latter división Maj. Reno and his Beven coinpanies of hia comniiiiid may have reason to be thankful. Zachariah Chandler has been elacted Chairman of the Bepublican National Committee, which is'nt exactly satisfactory to the " original " Hayes men. A campaign under Zack Chandler, made on the funds and at the expense of the Interior Department, doosn't smack of party purity or administrativa reform. " Mizzer " Chandler is'nt exactly a niodel reformer, " you know." President Grant is evidently a believer in that scripture which says " He that provideth not for his own houaehold is worse than an infidel : " and so he has appointed hi son Fred to be First Lieutenant in the Fourth Cavalry, while older and better officers look for promotioa in vain. It is not understood that the Fourth Cavalry is on du ty in Montana, or if it is that Lieu Frei will be ordered to join his reg ment. m i i - t i i Qov. Hayes places himself on record in favor of a oonstitutional amendiiiriit, which, disguised as ft buil againg sectarian public schools, is designod t give Congress control of the educatiou al systems and institutions of th States. It is fortúnate that Grant will b out of office before such an amendmen can be adopted : ai we may escape the school or educational admiuistration of a Boss Shepherd, a Torn Murphy, a Parson Newman, a Davenport, or some other willing partsian tooi. Gov. Ha yes say8 in his letter of aceptance, " The resolutions are ia acordauce with my views, aud I heartily oncur in thu principies they anounce : " this without rosorvation or xplumiticm. The seventeenth reiolu:ion thus heartily and fully indoraed eads : 17. The National Administratlon merits onimendation tor its honorable work in tho ïanagenient of doinestto aud foreiRii atlaira, ud President Grant deserves the hearty grattude of the American poople for hia putriotui and his imiuuiiso services m war mul in peace. Mr. Huyes is therefore an ndorser of raiit and (Jrautism, and Grant and rantisiu will be perpetuated in his administiation if elected. And whut is ho outlook for reform in tlmt direcion? _ It HAS been surimsod or auggosted hat the origin of the popular bailad of ' Yankee Doodlo " may be traced to -kis oíd and simple stanza : " Luoy Locket lost hor pocket, Ki tí y Fisher found it ; Nothmg in it, nothing iu it, But the binding rouud it." And tbat pooket book which Lucy ost and Kitty found, witli " nothing n it, nothing in it," was evidently the model of the letter of acceptauce of Gov. Hayos. It is as spiritloas and tnild-mannereii a paper as could woll be imagined, the product of a warm day, with a desire to avoid both the labor of tliought and expression. lts virtues, like those of its author, are of the negativo kind, and its omissions more remarkable than its uxpicssious of opinión. It rides two or three of the inoffensive hobbies of the platform, and in addition the rider inounts one of his own, - the " one term " nag, a greater humbug thaa even "civil service reform," as construed by the Administration. After ooinpleting the documeut and attaching his signature, Gov. Hayes no doubt feit as did Bro. Beecher, " about so so, dear Elizabeth." That SPICY Washington correspondent, Mary Clemmer Ames, writes to the Cincinnati Commercial expressing her sorrow that Mrs. Hayes is a Methodist, not because of any antipathy to Methodists or Methodism, but solely for the reason that if her husband shall be elected President " that faot will be likely to impose upon tliis community foanother four years or more the Kev. Mr. Newman, ostensibly of the Methodist Metropolitan Church- but who has been retamed here, I dou't know how many years, as a sort of Congressional and Court Chaplain." And then she prooeed to pronounce Farsen Newman a ' ' fraud," a " politician," a " bummer," a " voluptuary," a " pretender," an " egotist," a " hypocrite," and othor pet names. Concluding, she says : " Ho is not a acholar ; he is not a thinker. He is a fat, weeping prophet, who tells auecdotes and cries over them, aud can make broad ffonro Dictures of what he has seen. tícia) people take this for wonderful talent, and even (ieu. Urant aaid : ' I nevur hear Dr. Xewman but he gives nie a new idea.' It was Schuyler Coltax who told this, and the lady to whom ho repeated it replied: 'I knew that Gen. G-rant was not overburdened with ideas of an intelloctual kind, but I never iraagined him so poor as that ' ' Pranknes8 is evidently one of the virtuus Mary Cleinmer Ames culti vates. Mr. F. Hassaurek, ono ef the leading Germana of Cinoinnati, and formerly a Republioan, addressed a Democratie ratifioation meeting on Saturday evening last, - making a candid and able speeoh, fully indoining the St. Louis platform and Tilden. Uonfossing a dislike to one clause in the platform, that demanding a repeal of the Resumption act of 1875, he insista, nevortheless, that " even with this clause it is better, clearer, and more decided for a return to sound money than the platform adopted at Cincinnati." The tariff plank he especially commend, as he does Samuel J. Tildón, and iu words which will carry convietion to his fellow citizens who heard or read them. Concluding, he said : "I do not oontrol any political element but what you see before you under this ooat. I carry no man'a vote in my pocket but my own. But that individual vote shall bo cast in undying opposition to the paternal and iuterference theory of government, and consequontly at the approacbing election it shall be cast for individual liberty, unfettered industry, unshackled cominerce, free trade, hard money, and Samuel J. Tilden." Peculiar significance attachea to this speech because the Volksblatl, ot which Mr. Hasaaurek was editor, supports Hayes and Wheeler. This support is attributed to the fact that the newspaper partner of Mr. Hassaurek is also the law partner of Mr. Hayes. Without Hassaurek the influence of the VolkMatt will count fur little. 11 We should return to the principies and practices of the founders of the govemment, supplying by legislation, where needed, that wbicb. was fonnorly tlie established öustom. They neither eïpacted nordesired any partisau service. They meant that public ofticers should owe their whole services to the governmeut aud to the people." Such is the language of Gov. Hayes in his letter accepting the Republican nomination for President. The letter was dati'd June 8. And on the same 8th day of June Secretary Cliandler was made chairman of the National Republican Cominittee, aud is expected to devote the next four months almoat exclu9ively to "partiaau service," - and of course will not be expected to deduct from his salary for " loat time." The letter of Gov. Hayes waa given to the public on the lOth day of Juno, and on the same lOth day of June Postmaster General Jewell was aaked to resign that his vacant pluce iu the Cabiuut might be given to a more wily politician, a man who is expected to do botter " partiaan service " in Indiana and Ohio ihan the aforeaaid PostmasterGenoral Jewell. The president and his political advtisers either " read between the linea " of Gov. Hayes' letter, or they dou't care what he says or means. We don't care mitch which and the reader can " choose his choice." The scalp of Gen. Custer dangles at the belt of Sitting Buil, but the President goes him better and ornaineutti nis wigwam with the acalps of Briatow, Juwell, Pratt, Dyer, Yaryan, - the tirat voluntarily (?) surrendered, the next two given him " by request," and the laat two removed- after the Sitting Buil faahion. And still he is not satiafied. OuR Eepublioan f rienda are jubilan t ver the support Cari Sohurz promises o give their ticket, and bis decisión is ttributed to bis dissatisfaction with be financial plank of the St. Louis ihiti'orm and tbe nomination of Renricks for Vice-President. Now to defnitoly settle the question that " pure ussedness " and aot the action of the 3t. Liouis Convention underlies tbe decisión of Schurz, we quote the explicit [eclaration of the Lansing RepuUican bat " he Schurz] inforined a Michigan lelcgate at Cinciunati tbat be should robably tako the stump for Hayes and Vheeler." The Connuctiout delegation in the üincinnati Convention had the impudence to vote for Jewoll for President on the first ballot, and after that refused to vote for Grantiam - Conkling, or even for Morton. And now Jewell is no longor Postmastor-General, and Grant, Conkling, and Morton are each and all revenged. lioss Shepherd also rejoices that the " bob-tailed clam Yanlee " bas come to grief. Thk oonimmittee appointod by the St. Louis Con vontion to jnotify the candidatos of their nomination, waited upon Gov. Tilden, on Tuosday, at his residcnce in New York, and discharged thu dut y, both by oral addresses and in a writton comniunication. Gov. Tilden responded briefly, appr opriately, in a becoming manner, and in no doubtful languago, and also promised a written reply at au early day. Ox Monday, by request of the President, Postmaster-General Jewell tendered his resignatio n, and on Tuesday thn President nominated as his succeasor Judge Tyner, Second Assistant Postinastur-General. The change is not in tho interest of civil service reform, but exolusively for political purposos. And Jewell too will " never, never teil " what Cabinet officers said to him touch ing the remo val or forced resignation of clerks in his department, and also why he removed them. " The trutb is not to be told at all times."


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