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To The Democrats Of Michigan

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The National Con vontion oí' St. Louis baving rutitli-d the lirst choico of the people in noininating men of pro uouuced charaotoristie, who have a ree ord as reformers ia the interest of the taxpayers of tho country, and in the in terest of public morulity, tho under sigued, as chairinau of the Democratie State Comniittee, desires respectfully to oall your attention to the principie enunciated in the platform adopted b; tho State Couvention hold at Lansinj on the 24th of May last, and particu lurly to the recouimendation in the 9t! reBolutiou there adopted, as follows : " We recommend to all local Democratie Convention to pluce in nomination suc men only as are known to be honest, eapablt and ejflicÜJit, men who Itave the confidenc of the community, and who if elected wil strivi to lessen the harden of taxation o tlie people." Tho oondition of the country is sucl that the treatiueut of political quostion this yetir assumes the forrn of a busi neus transaction. It is uu absolute ue cessity that the burden of taxation upon tho pooplo should bo lighteued, and t that end that there should be a chang in the administratiou. That this chang may be effected,8uch men only shouk be placed in nomination as have the en tire coufidence of the people as busi ness men ; men of good judgiuent auc sterling integrity. Fatriotistn has its dutios and oppor tnnities for display iu time of peaoe a well as in times of war, and no gooc citizen will refuse to serve the people in any capacity to which they may oal hiui when the times aro sucti as to justi fy the cali. We urge you, therefore, t discard all personal aspirations, and in selecting your candidates for the Na tional, State and local offices, selee them purely from the consideration sug gested iu the rosolution above reform to and in the interest of honest govurn ment and lightened taxes. If our State and local tickets corres pond with these principies as well a doos the National ticket, we may res assured that success will folio w ou efforts. The bost influences and the highes motives have completely controlled in our convontions, and our National urn State platforms are so broad and so fresh that every honest man who desire the best good of the whole country can cordially co-operate with us. We teel assurbd that good men evory whftri!, convinced of the absolute an( immcdiate necessity for a radical chango in the management of public affairs are eliminating from their minds those prejudices which are the growth of par tisaii strifd over differences the causes o which no longer oxist ; and are sinking the technicalities of party distiuction in responding to the utter need of the hour in the high charaoter of American citizens. And in our discussions with such mon of our friends and noighbors who have horetofore acted with any other politi cal party, lot us not obscure the rea questions of the hour by recalling pas controversias, but ïather let us mee them on such broad ground that al may stand upon it, and show to theu by our doeds as well as our words the living, active sincority of our profes siona. That our aspirations are not for the success of the party inerely, bu above party and above all personal auc selfish considerations, are for the re demption of the country from bad rule and for our vindication, not as Domo crats, but as citizoua of the Kepublic upon whom, as the governing power can be cast just reproach if the yea shall pass and every monument of the miserable record of the past four years be not overthrown and cast out, and the seats of govorniuent cleansed of ever; sigu and indication of the possible re turn of bad men. Don jVI, Dickinson, Chairraan.