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The following is the disposition of cases , in he Circuit Court frora the time of our last reJort until Monday noon, at which time the Jourt adjourned to the 25th iust. George R. Palmer vs. Michael McEnary; udgment for plaintiff for $54.25. Andrew W. Gnffin vs. Henry Johnson and Wm. L. Yost ; ejectment; judgment for deendant upon filiug of tinding of fa:ts. 30 laya granted plaintiff after the filmg and enry of judgment and Ënding of tacts in the ase to tile and nettle bill of exceptions. Franklin D. Cumings tb. Catharine Bachnan ; judgment for defendant. John P. Foster vs. Sylvester N. Clark ; plea f defendant withdrawu, and judgment enered for 197.58. James Yager vs. Newman Granger ; chanery ; decree of foreclosure granted. Lcster Latimer vs. Michael Andrés ; chanery ; decree of foreclosure granted. Frank Breitenwisher vs. Jacob and Caroline Sliller; judgmeut for plaintiff for 1368.05. Frank Bieitenwisher vs. Jacob Miller et al.; udgment for plaiutiff for $468.60. Chas. Thayer vs. E. W. Morgan, Burriving xustoe of the Avn Arbor Land Co.; chancery ; etitiou of defeudant for rehearing donied ; inal decree granted. Leonard Pierce, executor of estáte of John l. Woodworth, deceased, vs. George W. Litlefield ; judgmeut for defendant. Sixty days xanted plaintiff after íiling fínding of facts to Ie and settle bill of exceptions. Silas H. Douglas vs. Kice A. Beal ; motion jy defendant for an order for leave to inspect ertain papers in the hands oí H. D. Bennett, Steward of the University ot Michigan ; móïon denied with costs, including an attorney ee ot' 10.