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Cincinnati And St. Louis--the Vital Difference

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Tlioro i n profound and cssontml difference jetweentho action of the Itepublican Convenion at Cincinnatrand that of the Democratie Convention at St. LouiR ; and it ie soniothing I which the American peoplo c&nnot too care'ully or too winely eonsidor. It in Bomething Imí i) and eay to uuderstand, and the BÜnplesfc , Btatement is suflicient to inake it ptüpablo to any mind. ín each of these conventions there wore wo great nnd disüiictly-defined partios or livjionö, and theno división wero (niite as jroadiy niarked aniong tlie Republicana u amoiig the DemocratH. Ouo of tliese diviaious was composed of rcformer, men dot-iring to )ut an end to corruption, venaHtv, atid fraud u logifllation and ndrainiHtration ; whilo tho i otUcr diviaion juut ue eanioHtly dosirud to perpetúate tlie exiuting yHttm. In the Kepnblican Convention the reformere vere promptly voted down. Tliey had '.riijimnn H. Bristow, a woll-tried rcformer, or their caudidute, bnt the bigheet mmber of voten ho recoivcd was 26 out of 75fi, the remaiuder beiug dividod beween MesBr. Blaiue, Coukling. Morton, and lai tranft, tho cinef of them a notoriouöly ooxupt man, and all of them representint; noihing bnt the present corrupt ynteni. Fhially, aftcr a vehement strugglc, duriiif; whioh the reform vote novor amounted to moro than one-sixth oí .he Tvhole convention, Caineron, of J'enimylvalia, Grant's particular friend, aud hiDiKolf a inoHt ditttiuguLHhed representativo of corrupon, n order to -.prevent tlie noaünabïou of ïlaine, whoiU' Graut hated, although hu w:ih Jie mo8t coffitpt candidato of all, eelootod, 113 i compromiee, a neutral man of docent roputaion, and not in the least a reformer ; and ho oceived tho nomination of tho party. Tno roormeru were thus 'mgnally defeated, and Lheix iiiHlidiite, Ifr. liristow, promptly rccogüized hiw defeat by abandouing hm tight lor refoi m, csigniug his placo in iho Cabinet, and going ïome to private life. Tilín wa the way it was dono in the Kcpublian Convention ; but in the Democratie Couentiou it wan not so. Tliere was the gamo truggle there between the reform party aud lie party of thiovery and corruption, the one inving' Samuel J. Tüdon a ttieir caxulidate, nd the othor hnving' taken up variouw othor andidatea for the purioae of boating the reoniiers, Iet, ou tlie first ballot, Mr. ïildeu I luid moro thau 400 votes ont of 750, and on tlio aecoud ballot he liad more thaii two-thirds of tbe whole couvcutiou, and wae nomimitcd on a tkorougli-goiuR reform ]latform. TIiíh, then, is the differenco of wliich we Hpeak. The Iepublicaus voted down reform and nominated a candidato pledgod to tho continuance of tho oíd syfetêm ; while the Demócrata votod down corruption, tooit reform for their plairorm, and adopted the most eminent Ijractioal roforraer in the country a thcir candidato. Think woll of thoHO tliingB, follow ;itieii, and then decido how you oughtto voto in Movcmbor, - Jsfew i'ork Hun.


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