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[Krom Milwaukee ïnews.] Wheii a man i nominated for 1'reaideut of tho Unitod Statefl over the headnof tho au thora and expoimdera of all thotse groat meaeures which, within iifteen yearb, havo ahered tho whole faco of civil afTairs, mado a virtually ïiow orgauic conatitxition, and reversed tho polity and principie on which tlio farhers fouuded tho republio, even though it be conf(-HHod tliat hia record is a bltvmolons rather a gVBK oue, it oaimot be Btrangothat weshould tako tho trouble to patiently run through tho iilobe during the whole poriod of hia official lifo. ThiH i duo to tho ponition in which bis I ü i ! y have placed him. But when we annonnce that tho Hearcii was eo abaolntoly fruitless aa to mako lis fooi ridiculous, all can see that it is a ropi íiuí'h and a tí hamo to iiumlt tbe otlico of OhieJ Magia trate with auch a aamo as Hay es. Iteadthisye wlio are ïiot awake to the game played on you by tho abler men of the party in putting forward whero a Htatenman ouglit to bo a mero figure-hea:l ; a perno n who, wbile in Congres, wafl incoiiwidorablé almoat beyond any man that ever sat in the hall. Here ia the record : 186G- Fobrnary 20, Labor petitiou from consütUGutR. February 28, Moved $2,000 for a picture. Mareh 7, Petition to tax oil. March 16, Joint rcsohitiou to punish ömbezzlt'iiieiit, Sic. Ai)ril 2, Bill to pay the Elcventh licgiment oí hi. April 2, Ilcfiolntiou to carry Smithsonian LÍbrary into CoiigreKsioual Library. April 3, EleyooÜJ Ohio Beixaent again. April lfi, Two resohitiouB abont library docuïiK'iitH and privileges. April 1(3, Iluso lution againet enibezzliuc frSAln. April 24, Petition agatnet seceded btates. April 20, Anothrr resolution abont privileges of the library. .Time tl, AiiotJier ubout library xuatters. June 14, Petition of a Southern woruan for compensation for property destroycd. July 27, Hcportod agalnet jiurchasing an old muuiiKi'npt. December 19, Motiou to print unusual n'.iniber of Librarían') report. Also, petition of one Kleinscbmidt for the return of $12.50, oxc-jBs payment of taxeR. 1HG7 - January 7, Petition from Cincinnati Postofncc for more pay. Another local petition. January 29, Petition of a soldier or two who had lost thoir disí'lnrges. l'cbruary 6, Bill requiring authore to furniah library with copy of book. February 9, Cinoinnati PostoffTcoclerkeiftgairj. Fcbriuiry 29, .Moved to strikt; nut f900 from appropriatiou bilí for portraita of ex-Preeidents, UïcauHC proTiüed for already by other funde. March 2, Moved to add $2,100 to pay editor of the Madison papers. Maroh 12t ISlado & pcrflooal explanation of his action in comniittc-o about a private claim. Thift iö the record of a boy among men. No clcvcr lad of 15 in the Union could Imve done lem in Congresa. He was Dover on tho iloor once but pro forma, and then he made a personal explauation about a rclatively petty matter. Kieiuscbmidt - that is to say a very little member of the Smith famUy - iü a Germán name, and we suppose Hayea1 claim to tlie Germán vote of tho country in "to be conciliated by liin public conrao in Congreas toward that cla8H of citizfins, a followa: He preaented Mr. Kleiuöchmidt'a potition for a remiHsion of taxea in the f ollowing aum, to wit : $12{56. We do not know whether Mr. KleinBohixidt was a constituent. We wíll presume he was not, that Mr. Hayes may appear aa the father of ono ineasure ia Congrees. We do not know tho fato of it. Wo fear it failod. But clearly on this despicable record wo can afford to bo generons. We pronounce, therefore, that Mr. Hayea auceesafully carried thia great meaeure, and got Mr. Kloinechmidt his $12.50, ftnd, to close all qnestion about it, we will asaume it by paying the amount ounueivea if the treasury refiaaed. Wo now see why Mr. Scbura supporto Hayeft. Alas, wa humbug ever plaiucr than tho machinatora at Cinciunati havo exempliñod it !


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