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Gov. Tilden's Advice To The Young

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OTATE OV NKW YOKK, KxKCUTIVK ( 1 1 i a m BRK, ) Ai.uany, Juuc 23, 1S7IÏ. ƒ Mi Deab Sin : I regret that my ofticial and felBonal ongagement are so prosaing that it ivill bo iWffl6ult, if not imposuiblo, for mo to bo reeeut at tlio comoiencemcut at Schonectady )n Weiuiondny noxt. When I liad tlio pleiisnre of seeing you, nonio jme aiiice, I explaiued to yon trmt I cernid ioarcely oxpect to íind timo to prepare an oration or formal addreiw, but miííht tako aa a licnie oí extemporaueous remark au idea ,vl iíi-Ii I exproíiaed to yon. I venturo now to epeat it. It is to incúlcate ta theeo youug raen the jünelite a ivoll as tho iluty of adlieriug firmly o a liigli ideal of conduct in the cai'eera on ,vhich tney are about to enter, and to aumire .hem that with ability, energy.and pationee they ;au aohieyo all the objoets of an honorable imbition, if not cxactly on their own terna, Mdtainl; without abaïug that loíty standard vhich in the rotroupcct they will wih to have bserved ; while, if for au earlier auocess, thoy ompromise their ideal, tüe moral injury to hemselve and the los of jnst public or aocial mteem can never bo ropaired. Character and eputation are slow of accretion, and camiot ba mddouly acfjnired to siirmouut sucoees in the indue p'urauit of woalth or power with honora vhich aro rosorved for Holf-donial andsacri6co. The fitnesB oí lier graduates for tlie practica! work of lifo ha boon a spocial aim of Uuioi Collogo. I ani glad that ouder your guidance arebeiug added athoroogh and preciso instruc tion ,;nd training. I congratúlate yon and tho college on the in eroaHing BUCC088 wliich year by year is attoud ing ie, and heartily wish for this honorod insti tntion, and you and the yoiing gentlomon would have boon glad to meo!, every prosperit in all the futuro. I ani, mj Jearnir, very trui; yourn, SamüI'X J. Tildkn. To President Potter, ünion Colloge.


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