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Another Southern Outrage

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Comtnander Chas. A. Babcock, of tho United States navy, waa buriecl yesterday afteruoon under circumatancos that rmist have been peculiarly gratifying to hi friend, and that were certainly o to al] thoughtful and well dieposod citizens of New Orleana who witno&aed tho coremonios. The Hpectaclo of a United States offlcer who had been connpicnous for courage and activity during the lato war, followed to tho grave by individuals and organization that had been equally conepicuous au identificd with the Confedérate cauHO, was at once eignilicant and grateful. BesideR being a tribute to the personal worth of the docoaeod, and the respect in which hia memory was held, it bospoko on bclialf of the Southern'poople a good feeling vantly to their credit. Next behind the column of tho regular military in the rank of the funeral cortego maïchéd tho romuant of that distinguished iocal orgauization known as tlie Continental Guarda, togethcr with niany nentlomon known for their devotion to the South during its poriod of tria), and for their sorvices on tho Bide to wliich Capt. Babeock had been oppoaed.


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