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The writor of thiis, severa! weeks ago, listoned to a convorsatiou betweon Gov. Tilden and a gentleman who bas been öne oí tho leaders of the Qovornor's friendsatSt. Louis. The queütion arose as to posaible diflicultie tliat might bo encounterod in secunng tho adoption of a sound platform by the National Convention. Tho Governor was anked what courHo should bo taken in case ttome compromite of principies might be necossary to secure his nomination. "Sacrifico your candidate," was hib prompt, alniont abrupt reply. The worda ahow wliat kiiuíof man is Got. Tilden. Uo knovn no such thing aa compromiso where principie is involvod. Ho eau be awerred neithor to the right nor to the left from what lic regard au his path of duty. Happilj neithcr tho compromiso of principie nor the candida toV sacriüce ha boen dema nded. A sound platform and a man of iron will and iDllexible purpoao to utand ujxu it, ïh the gift of tho Domocracy to the country. - Buffalo Courier.


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