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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. E. McFAKLiHD, Surgical und Mechan, ical Dentist, corner oí' Main and Hurou [gon'a ol3 stuud.) Grent pains takeu in ïoneratioDS entrusted to my care. Prices to Buit thetiuieB. All work warrauted. Teeth extracted Stiicrat pain. Oflice hours : 8 to 12 a. m.; 1 to 6 pBi; 7 to 8:30 r. in. JY".!i:s McMAHÜN, Attorney aijd Counselor at Law and Solicitor in Cliancery. Otllce in jltMaliou's Blnck, Aun street. írr" H. JACKSOX, Donlist. Office corner of H , Main nd Washington Btrcets, over Bach & Abel's store, Ann Arbor, Mich. AuestheticB admiujif reqnired. tBGENE K. FIllIEAUFF, Attorncy at Law, Hj Notary 1111)111;, and Commisioner of DeedB T PenneylvaDia. Consultation iu the Germán or uslisti laugiiage. Office, HiJl'a Opera-House, Ann ArlOT, I!. CLAISK, JiiBtice of the Peace, Notary Public and Oonvcyancer. Will loan mouey for nttais on rooi estáte eecniity. Office over Ko. 8 Huren street, Ann Arbor, Mich. tttINKS & WORDEN, 20 Soutu Main street, y Aun Arbor, Mich., wholesale aud retail deal' iu Dry Otoods, Carpeta and Groceries. MACK & SCH1MII), dcalei-H iu Dry Goods, Groccries, Crocliery, ote., No. 51 Houtn Main . B1CII S: A15EI., dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, etc., "". 8 South Main street, Aua irbor, Jlich. TirMTwVUMKli, draier in Ready-Made ClothV ing, C'lutlis, Cassüneres, Vesüngs, Trunks, Capel BagB, et, 21 Soiith Main street. FBEDliKICK SCMAKBERLB, teacher of , the PIANO, VIOULN AND iiUJTAK. Seeirleuce soutlieast coruer Mdiu and Liberty , Aua Arbor, Mich. -nEAUKFUI. New Styles of Type For all kinds of Fine Printing At the Arms Job Rooms. NOAH W. CHEEVEK, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office in Probate Office, Ann Arbor, Mich. EYEIiïBODÏ SAYS THAT REVENAUGH IS THE Iws Photographer of Ann Arbor. 28 East Iluron Street, up-siairs. WINSLOW BROS. 32 East Huron Street, DEALEKS IN PiCIÜEE FKAMES, BRACKETS AND Y10UJÍSTROGS. ISS5 J. II. NICKELS, FRESH & SALT MEÁTS, Hams, Sausuge, Lard, etc, STATE STREET, OPBOSITE NORTHWEST CORNEB OF UNIV-EKSITY CAMPUS. Orders promptly filled. Farmers having meais il 8'jould give him a cali. 1568-yl THE ANN AEBOR SAVINGS BANK Ann Arbor, Michigan. Receives deposita of One Dollar andupwards and aüows Five per cent. interest on all deposits reïüaiuiug three months or longer. 5TEEE8T COMPOUNDED SEMI-ANNUALLY. ilso, buys and sells U. S. Bouds, Gold, Silver aud Interest Coupons, aud New York, Detroit and, Chia?o Eichange. Ueo sells Sight Drafts on Great Britaia, Ireland, Germany, or any other part of the European Continent. Tliis Bank is organizea under the General Baukng law of tuis State. The stockholders are iudindmlly liable to the amouut of their stock, and tkrwhole capital is secimly for depoBitors, wbile ita Bauks of issue the capital is iuvested lor the eenrity of bill-holders. Tuis fact makes this Intitution a very safe deposit of moneys. Marrietl Women can deposit subject to their owu fafts OLly, Money to Loan on Approved Securitlcs. DniECTOBS- R. 8. Smith, R. A. Beal, C. Mack, W. ti.Harriaian, W. Deubel, W. W. Wines, D. Hiscock. OFFICERS : S. Smith, Pres't. C. Mack, Vice-Pres't. C. E. Hiscock, Casnier. W. A. LOVEJOY, Tobacconist ! DEALS IN FIKE-CUT AND SMOKING Tobáceos, SNTJFF, PIPES, &c, At No. 7 East Huron-st., Diext to thö Express Office, MN ABBOB. - - - MICHIGAN EBERBACH & SON, tacüsts id Hematíiti, 12 South Main St., u haud a large auil woll selectecl stock of DB0G8, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, DYE STUFFS, ARTISTS' & WAX FLOWER MATERIALS Toilet Artioles, Trusse1, Eic. pÜRE WINES AND LiQüORS. ■ ' alli-ntiou paia tu the fumishinp; of PliyOUcmists, Kclicnls, etc, with rhilosophical ■mica! Apparatus, Bohemian Chemical . l'ocelüiu Ware, Pure Kcaq;cnts, etc. 1 hüíii's'1"1' 1)re8crilltiíus carefully prepared at


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