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She Knew Her Rights

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Tlie passengers in a ooacli in Delaware wcre just dozing off when soruething howled out : "Ow - wow - wow !" "Great dragons, thero's a young one aboard !" growled a fat man from his upper berth. 111 bet a hundred dollars none of us can get v wink of sleep toriight." "Wow - wow!" wliined the ohild. "There he goesngain!" growled the fat man. "I never travel but what I riui across some one 's offspring." "Who's tbat talking?" called tlie mother of the child in a loud voice. "Me!" mswered the fat man. "Why didu't youeither leave that child at home or stay at home yourself ?" "Are you talkiig to me?" demanded tlie woman. "Tes, ma'am, I am ! I say it is a shame to bring a sick child in a sleeping-car to disturb twenty or thirty people." "Aro you a f at her?" she asked. "No, ï haint." "Nor a mother ?" she continued. "No, ma'am." "Well, sir," she said, as she poked her head cut between the curtains, ' 'whon you've been the mother of eleven children, moved forty-eight times, lived in nine different States, and worn one corset right alongforseventeenyears, you'll begin to think you know your business. I think I know mine ; and if this baby wants to howl he's going to do it, if I have to come over there and kick a ton and a half of conceit out of you."


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