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Secrets Of The Latest Fashions

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fFrom Smbner'B Monthly for Angnst.J A Parisiaii lady is not said to be dressed nowadays, nor does sho even order a dress to be made for her. Slie asks her dressmaker to mold a dress upon her, and, when this is done, she is ealled a moule. To be niolded yon must begin by áapting every article of your underclothing to the shapo and size prescribed by fasliion. Therein lies the only secret .of perfecfcion in dres3 which tho Parisiennd possesses over other women. Next to the Parisienne it is the American womau who is considered to be "the best dressed." She has one fanlt, however - sin' is not always juponne accordiug to the requiremonts of her toilet. A.3 a ruif!, each dross should have its separate set of skirts, to be worn exclusively with it, and this should be supjjlied by the dressmaker herself, as it should always be almost of the same length and width of the skirt and of the dress, and always of the same shape. Now two underskirts, at the utmost, are worn. The one which aocompanies the dress, and which is of white muslin, is trimmed with laco insertions and edgings. No flounoes are worn on underskirts. They are too bulky for the present style of dress. The skirt to bo worn under this muslin skirt is of white fonlard, which material elings better than any other to the figure. And the skirt (which is gored, so as not to forma single plait)is stitched to the edge of the corset, in order to leave the figure perfeotly untrammeled by band or belt, however thin. The skirt is also trimmed. with lace insertion and edging. The corset is very long - a la Jeanne D'Arc. As a guide, it should be of tho length of the dress cnirasse, which cuimsMo, by-the-by, is now only simulated by trimming on tho dress. This, again, is to avoid giving extra size to the figure. Some dispenso with the second skirt of white silk; they wear an nndergarrnent of white siïk under the corset, whieh garment they trim with lace, as if it were a skirt. It is made as long as an ordinary skirt, and it takes the place of one. ín reality, therefore, no skirts are worn by tho most strict. To recapitúlate, a fashionable lady's toilet now consists of a white silk bodice inlaid with Valenciennes, which white silk bodice is continued into a skirt, which is ulso richly trimmed with lace insertions and edging. This garinent answers two purposes, and is called by two names. Then comes tho long cuirasse corset of white or pink satin, which improves the entiro figure. An extra wiiite foulurd skirt may be stitched to the edge of the corset, hut this is not necessary. it shonld, however, beworn under costumes not provided with a special underskirt of their own. The dress itself, of -whatever material it may bé. is of the Pi'ineoss shapé - fchat ip, ui one piece from neck to hem of skirt. The trimming on the dress simulates cuirasse and even tunic. But separate cuirasses or tunics are quite laid asido, as being too bulky, and hiding the outlines of the figure too much. It thns follows that uothing is worn uüder a dress Uody excepting the under corset. Bad, indeed, must be the figure that does not look molded under this system of underolothing. You may wear a cotton dress of $5, if you will, but under this must be worn the iinest foulards and the richest lace. Nor is it the dressmaker who can make the figure. Tuis deponds entirely on the corset manufacturer. There is even tulk of having dress cuirasses made by corset makers, and the skirts would then be fastencd to the corset, which would at the same time form the body of the dress.


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