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A Walking Arithmetic

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A great deal bas been said and ten aoout the great mathematical prodigy, " Kenb" Fields, who lives at Fayetteville, in tliis county, and the more that ia known of him the greater ' wonder he becoines. He does not possess ' tlxe simplest rudiments of a book edncation - does not know a letter or figure by sight - and yet he can solve the most intricate problein in an instant, or can : perforen a calculatioñ ia lesa than a i minute that would require the work of an hour by the ordinary modes. For instanoe : We gave him the day of the nionth and year of our birth, and he told, in less than half a minute, our age in seconds, minutes, days, and years. Give him the day of the month and the year of any event, however remóte, and he will instantly give the day of the week. We spent two honra with him last S;iturday, and, notwiüwtanding we have often talked with him and seen Mm display bis wonderful gifts, yet we always íind something new in him. We placed a column of figures on a paper, equal in length to the columns of an ordinary-sized ledger, and called them off to him in rapid succession, and when the last number was called he gave the sum without a momeut's hesitation. He did not see the paper, and would not have known a character on it if ho had. One hour later he repeated those numbfefcs in the exact order in which we called them to him. Wo then bogan at the bottom, and would cali two or three numbers correctly, and then ono incorrectly, and he would correot usby giving the proper number. More mysterious than this to us is the fact of his ability to give correctly the time of the day or night, whenever called upon, without any reference whatever to a time-piece. lu this place the time-pieces are all regulated "by railroad, or 8t4 Louis time. If you ask''Eeub" the tirac, ho will say"Iam 15 1-4 minutes past 1; if you have railroad timo you have so and so," giving tho exact dilferoiice between sun time and railroad time. Anothcr remarkable fact is, he gives tho exact time of his locaïity. If he is in Washington city, he gives Washington city timo ; if iia San Biaaoieco, the time there. He can not possibly do these things by any inethod of caleulatiog tho passing time, for he will give the time as aeeuratoly wbile wakiugfrom sleep at night as if it were daylight and the sun shiniug. ïhere seoms to be nothing too great ia numbers for his mind to grasp, and yet uothing too smíJl. He can teil whíit tho interest on 1 cent would bo for tliree soconds at the rato of 10 per cent, por annum, as readily and as easily as ho could teli tbe interest on one dollar for o ne year at tho samo ate per cent. Ho is, indeed, tho wonder of wondors. - Warrcnubury (Afo.) .Democrut. A Fokt Wayne man withstood a claim for (íO ceiita, -was sued, and, the judgment b'eing in fávot of Ui; claim int, was sad díed witb coats ainounting to $80,


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