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Ben Butler Says That He Has Not

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withdrawn from the Congtessional canvass : and Ben ought to know. There are 234 leas saloons in Michigan this year than last, and yet John Hussell and his co-prohibitionists are anything but happy. The Dexter Leader saya that J. N. Priester, of that village, will be a candidate for Sheriff in the coming Republican County Convention. He is a tuilor and a Gorman. F. W. Bird, of Maasachusetts, the founder or organizer of the Liberal Republican movement of 1872, hag oome out flat-footed for Tilden and Reform. His letter deiining hia position ia a good one. Don't fail to read the speech of Hon. Frpd. Haasaurek, of Cincinnati, to be found on the fourth page of this sheet. It is a capital argument in support of the St. Louis platform, and Tilden and Reform. It is now thought Congreas will be ready to adjourn sine die on the 27th inst., Thursday next : that is if the Senate shall reach a decisión in the impeachment case in time. The examination of witnesses in the Belknap impeachinent case was concluded on Wednesday, and an order wa adopted that " three managers and three counsel may be heard in such order as they may arrango among themselves." TnB Saline Republican caucus was held on Monday evening last, and, contrary to the " arrangement" of Cutcheon's friends, the Grangers (that ia J. Webster Childa) oaptured five delegates, the sixth inan being divided between Cutcheon and the " great unknown." And ao ends the firat heat. Wendell Phillips having failed to discover any aoft money in the Ht. Louis platform, and not enough in the candidates to build a hope on, thinks that Hayes ought to be electei. And so think Ben Butler and Pig-iron Kelley, both eminently soft-money men. Wji. H. Bliss : that is the name of the man appointed to succeed Col. Dyer aa attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, and will probably soon appear attached to a paper reoommending the pardon of McDonald, MoKee, Avery, and the other members of the Sfc. Louis Whisky Ring. The Democrats of Massachusetts are talklng of nominating Charles Francia Adama for Goveruor, and the SpriBgfield Republican, thimks " suoh a nomination would threaten Rice gerioualy, indeed probably carry the State." And going for Adams Massachusetts would go for Tilden. What do you think of that, say ? " If YOU fellows expect to run you've got to put in some heavy work. Thia campaign ia going to be no dress pa rade, I can teil you that." Such is the language Secretary Chandler is reported as addresaing to a delegation of his ftithful followers a few evenings ago, on his political.mission to his home in Detroit. Zack " amella a uiice," and don't hold to the opinión of some of the green boys that Hayes will walk over the course. " An Old Fakmer " weighed J. Webster Childs a "knock down" column in a recent issue of the Ypsilanti Commercial: and the Commercial says that it was n't inspired by Mr. Cutoheon. Of the latter gentleman and his candidacy, the Commercial saya : " If tendered a norainntion by the spontaneous voice of the Republicans of the diatriot, he would doubtless accept, but peraonally he will make no effort to convince the people that he is the man for the position."


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