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- Rev. Benj. Parsons, of Saline, preached in th Congregational Church of this city on Sunday laat - in the fnrenoon. Erening service omitted. - During the " heated terra " evaning service at St. Audrew's Church will coramence at 6 o'clock. - Rev. Mr. Richmond, of Columbus, Ohio, has received " a cali " to the racant pastorship of the Presbyterian Church at Ypsilanti. -Prof. D'Ooge preached in the Presbyterian Church at Saline on Sunday last. - Arrangements have been commenced looking to a semi-centennial celebration, on the 2Oth and 21st of August, of the orgauization of the Presbytirian Church of this city. The exercises will include a histoncal sketch and a reunión df the members, all the liviug pastors being invitad. -The Young Ladies' Society of the Congregatioual Church will give an excursión to (irosse Isle on Saturday, July 29th. The magnincent steamer Northwest has been chartered for the occasion. A grand Boat Regatta will como off at Grosse Isle same day. Tickets for round trip only 11.50, children half price. Tickets for sale at the Depot and at Henion & Sumner's store, Huron street. Tho Lancet, a medical journal of the " regular " school, gives this " over the border view '' of the war of the pathies m the University : ■ We must confess that our sympathies are strongly with the Medical Faculty who retused to give over the University of Michigan, hand and foot to the Homeopaths. We, in Ontario, have not long siuce passed through a somewhat similar crisis. We have discovered that the true way to crush out ' pathies ' and ' isms,' is to edúcate all up to the same standard- to adopt a leveliug up procesa, instead of the antagonistic one. Drop the insane cry humbug, deceit, knavery, quackery, and the like. Such a policy serves but to perpetúate the evil, so to speak. Raise the standard of educution for all wbo desire to enter the profession, and you will extinguish all pathies, isms, and men of one idfca in medicine. E3ucate thera thoroughly and they will be the better abte to discover the errors in each system and gather up the truth from all. It is too late in the nineteenth century to put down quackery by any other means. All the vile phrases, all the obnoxious epitheta, and all the penal codes that can be devised, are of little avail. Neither should the regular protession stand idly by with folded arms and allow the enemy to have tull sway. What has the Society (State Medical), or the meinbers of the Faculty at Ann Albor to fear from the Homeopaths and a small following of students which is sure to become less every year f Nothing, whatever. No ! let them rather stand maufully ;it their post of duty, let them have faith in their owh profession, let them be true to themselves and tho9e under their instruction, and let time, ' the arbeter of all things,' be udge ot the result." The Lancet don't beheve in desertion, in giving the post over to the enemy, but rather m manfully standing by the guns (or mortars), and " fightiug it out on that line." Korrect !