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Forty-fourth Congress

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Tuesday, JuJy n._ tenate.- AUison, froin ho Committeo on AppropriaHons, reported with anicndments tho Hlver aud Harbor Approiriiition bilí .... Mr. Thiirmau, íroni tbc Con: on the Judíciary, rnoved tliat tho St-nato dlí 0 thc aiueudmcnta of (lio House to the ill to amoml tliu liaukrupt act, and asidor a comiulttec of conference. So ordered l'lm impeachuient trial was resumed, aud aítér ho examination of two or thrco witnessee, the mausers for t lio prospcution aimoinuvil thatthey woro hroiiRh, wlth tho exception of two witnesses Evans nd Fisher, and hothoughtit probable that one of Ueru would do. Umute.- The House was not iu session, having ad. ourned out of respect to tlie memory of oiie of halt members reccntly deceased- Parsons, of Ky. WedNESDAI, July 12.- Senate.- The Chai ii.l batan tho Senatc the Houso bilí to amend the 'aclflí; Itailroad acts, wliích wa real by Mr. Littlo. A lively content occurred over the referenco of tho Ednituidi and Thnnnan opposeil its rofereneo 1 the Hailroad Oommittee on tho rnnud that tbis niüíiittce was hostile to tho lil], and favorod its eícrence to tlie Judiciary Comuilltec. West nd Mitchcll repollod the charge of favoritism iward the Pacifie railway. Tho bilí was Dalí; laid over.... The joint rcsolntion to uuiorizQ the President to accept the aericpK of volimtcers to aid in 8pirefBiug tho Sionx latliau hoBtilitio in the orthweef was taitón from the table and roferred to ie. Oommittee on Alfairs . . . .The impeachient trial was resnmed, and many witncssea wero iroducod and cxauiincd by tho defenee to prove ío previous Rood charader of Belknap. Ex-Gov. alph U. Low, of lowa, Senators Al!lsm aud 'rlght, Gen. Enger, Gen. s. '. Benet, Gfln A A itiuphrics, Gou. It. B. Marcy, Jndgo Advocate .1 V)uun, AsRociate Justice Milk-r, of the Bureme Cuurt, and the Hou. John ,. Easíon .-ill tesnel to tho iutcgrity and ability of tho lato VVar ecrctary. Hmue.Xha Houso passed a bilí for the stabshmcut of two additional military pod(8 on the ellowstonc ri ver, In tho región of the li'wtilp In anw. . . .Hainos, Chairuian of the Commíttee ou Icction, reportes a reeolutlon on tlio Lonisiana inteeteJ-ckction cas.declariag üarrell, the sitDg member, enÜUcd to t wat Tho bilí prorldlng for the salo of tlio Kort Kearnoy militar; resorvaUos, Nftbraaks, I( paaaed Bewitt, from tlir Oommittee on l'u-if. u A1VairH,'rëixnrted baci thé resolution dfclarime tho nctionoí ttoborl O. Si h'-nrlí, wliiUi Umt'-1 Btatefl Mlni ío England, in bccomlnga Dircc.tprof thc Kmma Mino c'onipany. and )n opetatious iu cuuuoction with thares of Baidcompany aml Véudcrs tJn ■ ■ 1 . ís Ill-advisf d, hnfortunate and incouipalible wiü he antiea oí bia poslUon. AdupU-a without íUkcub■'ii or a división. XumisuAY, July 13.- ímfe- NotliinK ■' ihí Impeáohrhent trial, ovúig to the ablenoeóf a Wltneas, Kvans, the post-trador at l'urt Mil.... The Chair laid before tiio Sonate a mesajtc fruía thc Prealdent trausuiltting reporta from : (ion, sin tiiKin and Major General Terry, in rcHpouBc ío tho ri'soliition .-alibis for infónaatinn in roard to tbe iknible witli the Sloiix. . a n. 'v conference was appolnted on tito Consolar au tl Diplomatic Appropriation bilí The bilí to próvido for tibe conutruotion -of two military rosta on the YellowHtoiie river was pansed The lïiver aml Harbor Appropriation bilí was aíécusaed and WHtuded. flottw, - The conferenco roport on tho Silver bilí wan adoptad A n .-■oi.ation to adjonrn July 26 was iutrod1K'tti$idj'W(ferr4d. .ThoniponiJ 'f011! íf10 Ooxomittlfi oki'itleMku.ruorti'd a wsolBtion Jii tlio Bouth Carolina GOntested-election ?■, doeUvin that nrithcr liiilts, the contestant, nor Maekny, tbo síítiiií nieuibor, WOtQ lawfully Oleoted to OongTeSS. )rdcrod print od .... Sparks, ftom ilio. conference i-ommittce on tho Indlan pproprtation bUl, reported that rmn mitttv had Ixen imablo to agreo. The têXCu inittee wu reappolnted, üke Beziáte oonferreea i ■ - ing alao the same wrut, from the select oommittee to Investiftate Uu dhaigei preferred by (Ky.) ■ .'i : . .. -, '!■ rk of iiu' iifuiM', for Lnterfering ti infl i. -■ i;r.[jí'l;i oí a .er for the íMmTfíO Lymlc, Tor'í, Kryc: wre appDWM n oüiuiui i tuft of uOiUrence on the líaukrupt bilí. Fijiday, July 14. - Pénate. - ïho conferouco i-i porta on the Silver and Iïankrnpl iln werc couoojt red in and biUfl pass6d...The Itiver and Harbor bül was ilisnisi'd. . . .TÉtÊSÊSJt trial wae poetponed tili Mtmdaywa WxMtwm tMi& absence of toe wltnoss Bvaxia. H'jusc.- The KtassaotrasettB oontested-elcccion caso of Frost (ttitting member) versus Abbott was deolded in favor of tho lattor. . Tho conference report on the Mil lo amo nd the r.;nkru]it law wol adopted laxge number oi blUa of a Lrivate characttT W6N dippoaetl ofï' - Satüuday, July 15.- Senate.- After tito paasago of a few prívalo bilis, and the bill to eitend tho dn rat ion of thi ('oint of Oonimissionorp of the Alttbaniamainjs to Jan. I. 1ST7, vicil the cTttiro day on the Itiver and Harbor A.ppropnatii m bill. H"tt.i!A pension of $50 per nionth was voted to the widow of the late Gen. Ouster The House debated, in committee f tho whole, the bill for tho protection of the Texas frontier. Smalla offerod au uiuctidment providing that "uo troops Bhallbe withdrawn from South Carolina so long ag the niilitia of that Stat, peacefulhiösftuibled, ure aspiiuUd, dlearmed, i ui; en prisouere, and then massacreU in cold bluod by lawlöes bauds of men inTading that State inii ihe State of Georgia." An eSjeeaingl.V Iivrly Aebatc foUowcd, participated in by BmalJH, Oonger, Brlght, Cox, Hartridtfo, llainey, and Aonei (Ky.)'; but without reachiutí a vote on the anae&dment tho committee rune and tho ]Lohso ajournod Monday, July 17.- tenatei- The witnese Kvans not having arrived, tho impcaphlBent tstM was adjourned until Wcdneeday, IStfi The Senate speut the entirc day ou tho River and Haibor bill. ' Bviitt.- Tho follmviutf bilis wc re introduceft: liy llopkinn, appropriattog (100000 for the oonüuuanco of the Washington monument. By Phillips (Kansas), atithoriui P Bident to aooepl the Bèrvicee ■ ra from KaTiBas, Nebraata, BUnnesota, Wyomiiig, Colorado, Dakola and Utab, against the Kioux Indiana. By tor the (V ttion of ui etjtiestrian statue o't' -.n. Custor, iu Wasliitijítoii. Jiy I-ainKTf, for lite rmiuedüiWi ïiliii.iiiijii nf gohl ;inl lyivi r bullion, hy (■rtifí cates vï a to ctmmimiM1 ihc coiitmi! tliereof, and to the standard BÜT6X dollat B f uil leaal tender. By Etmes, an additlon to the bill for restimptiou of Pjecie pálmente, requlribg 6 per cent. of the amount of the tandiug lejíal-teudcr notes to be s I in every year until the legal tonden are of cqual value wlthgold, Öy-iAüUoiiKHii, n iuli niiitiiiK pfiiwniiM to the hcirs of the offleers and men killed la Cuister'a receñí bat tío wiUi tb tiinx at incruaced ratea proport :■ per ïuontb, the inerraso iu the legal pensión f a Lieutonant Uolonel A rceolution was adopted the appointment of a committee to prgcepd to California after the adjournmont, to invcJitvatoCQlijo.K'Jv with the Henato committee, OT othe tho extent and effect of the Chineno immigration. Bills were passeá to Uï:. :: ' : V : ' ;!i 'l ':'t' '.l'!;, ;';' 'ZiUr.[ T. ilenii regard.... Two nsucccfui uiu ■, . made durlng flajf to mstroot tbs EtanUng aad ('nrrrnoy Oommittee to report ■ bill to repeal the Iteaumptiou act.


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