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A Female Blondin

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i.üt; ojgnomia iuana Hpeitenm is a genuine belle of the Campagna, the name being hor own, as we aro positively assured, aud her nationality uuqnestionably Itiiliau. Tho Signorina in not articularly sylphlike ; on tho contrary she is quite what niight be termed biixom, umi physicaüy abie to hold her owu in tho baltic oí lile. SaturJuy afteruoon this lady accompjisfied a féat whiuh no woman li;id over before esayed. Tbis was 110 Iösh au undertaking thaii the crossiug of the. gorge of Niágara on n tight rope stretched immediateiy over tho point wherc the rapids boü most furiously, a couple of hundred feet bevond tho railroad suspension bridge. "At the point solected for tho exhibition, the samo at which tho famous Blondín stretched his K(11': the fcorgo is something more than eight huudred feet across, and the banks about two hundred feet above tho seething water. It is oie of the wildest, most troubleil parta of the river. Inclosures had been formed by rough board foneos at either end of the rope on both tho American and Canada sides, and nn admissios fee was ohaiged, but on tlit; Dominion siiliï au miruly mob tumlili'd down the fi'ucts iiini deilcd iho loll collector, Ou tiiu hithnï sido quite a large atunbsi of speet itors, both in carriagee and on foot, who liail gaiiieu adniissiou by ijuying their honest fee of utrauce, weré assemblod, but many preierred . to viuw the novel tmi starlling spectacle from the bridge. This might bo cojisiclored hardly the fair liMg, iu coasideration that tíie Hignorina had been to an expense of $640 for her ropo and guy-ropes alone. Tbr ropé, wo may mention, is two and a quarter inches in diameter, of the best Manila, and weigh.s jieiu-ij a. tou. It is held tnut by 1,400 pbunds of gny ropes. Tho Biguorina atutlcd on hei-'ijerilonB I journoy proinjtly :it the advertised time, io'clock. AVlu-u those who went dewn by that train arrived inside the enclosure, tliey saw a glistening Ügm-e far outnpon "the straight and narro w way," a?id with steady, measnred steps progressing. The lady was attired with green buskins, tights of the color nature gives the cutióle of the Oaaqpsaian rac(, a tunic of searlet, cd shinüig greon bodioe. Her head was covered only by its luxnriant growthof flowiug brown hair. Bands at either side of the ri ver played inspiring music, but overy ejre was fast fixedupon the form of the daring womaii wlio was now passing up the ascoiit to the fuither shore. A few more seconds of intense interest, at least to those who were ]ookers ou, and sho stood on tlie shining shore of Her Majesty's dominion. The aceomplishment of her passage iras ihe signal far appluuse from both banks and the bridge. Theu they waited, probably ten rnümteii. At the expiration of lint!, time the Signorina appeared, balance polo iu hand, and, stepping lightly upon the rope, bega the return Journey. Steiulüy slio camo acioH.s the long luie, stopping at the center to rost upón cd - knee, tlien, agaiu stepping forward with moaaured and Bteady tread. Whén withii a few rods of the final destination, slio stood immovable for a moment iu ,statuesquo pose, while au enterprising photographer siieured her presentment. slio traversed the remaining disCBDSS nntil safe again on terra arma, and thus the exhibition of tho day was closed.


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