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To Colmubni), out at ten, iot many wuary days, deseried by lüB Xücn.tuvsaikd by n-utiny, tin ■■■.. with faUnre. Blok at he&rt and Doafty hopi-rosn, (fes glorfoHé f-'h'Mit bi " f, and - hó Í1' froin tho mast ochlld hardlylmvi 1 ■ n biore WClcom üun to ttiosc who belW-vo in tho .IcflVrmmian í1oíi of 'iovornmont as the niily possible Batvitïon of this republic miut havo boen the Riad lidintr which, after many years of hope dcförred and paliont walting, havo at last t) Ol f mm St.. T.ouiH, Ai :i tim when I Ikpolitical lito of tht1, country iVas ai its Voist; at a tune wlnii Democratie party serim-d to iiavo eompletely fortfotten lts prigln, lta tradiüons, aud tho Rrpftt troths to whieh it mvod its kiicnanu tlnriufí tho histnrical days oK its us-i - iuliiirrtK and tnl'-Üty to principio ; at a time when t lio paternal idea of govermn'iif . with it -= corruptions and wnBtefuftfetet, BOílñofl ro havn Lull lud irrebatible sway over the Alunizan propio ; at a time whcu thero seumed to bo nolhing in ]in]]i es hut :i ilisfMisfinfí. brutal and (toinoraliing ptriiftpU' for tli e poiln, without ideas, without principie, without, a living qnrtinn at iseuo; at a time when the inar.lime poliiiciaujjof l";ih partiea scunied to' have á tacit nnderatandmg that vital diffi of opinión tutiBt Be e;1"1 lottefly thid stfidiónríj Ignorcd, of boinB boldly met and ditowrifed in a iiiiinly and patrioüü spirit ; at ti time when tho best men of land, 111" im-n of thoufiht and opinioiiB, liad bopun to Phriuk from puMlo lif( - at thia time as Had and tr.vitiff Midupinj our lïcvolutionary days, thn wiuUsr oí Vnlloy iprge; at fhis tinio the L'l.'i'l tidings came, tnif unexpectedly, oaiu6 likt; the hiorning dawn of A bnghtor futuro, carne líte the niCBpage of Jchhio itroWn at I.u-know: ''Dinua ye hearthe logan?" aud witu them UapQ wbwtxui u our breast, hope for tlie republie, canee of popular Ron rninent, hope for the nnal aaccs'd oncy öfreasoo and justicninuoin; meu. TUK l'LAi ) ■ ■ The platform adoptcd nt St.ui in tho bost that I have read sinco I bogan torcad politloal platforms. If a better onc baa ever bofefi adopted by any pfllitical convctition, ï ;un nut awarti of it. It evades nothing. Tt dodgos uptliing, It nses no dupïiclty or prevarication. Tt contnins a full and complete answor to evory 'IuokIIom thai n;iy dirrlly or itldit'ectiy ni, drftwn into tilo coíiiinjí diecuesious. It is tho iirst truiy houost and inanly political platform that t havo re&tl. Tt is tho mosl otrtfepotten that I havo nsad. It is the most Inspiring that 1 liavc i'oad. It ík the beat apecídi that eau bemadodurinK thr canipiugi out luc-etiuKS. [. t it ix-prii -lis of öopiêsamf8cattred broaitoasttivcr tho ïftnd, TBÉ MONSTBR O' INIUITT. It rt'c;illn tlit' Democratie party to it-s botter self, Tt briïigsit back to tli1 oíd íandmárie fróm wliich it should iicver havo departed. It rallicB it to baiil'1 aKinst that moimtrous ynti in of iniusticfi, ij:iiüty, extortfon and gtinding oppreBöioii which is kxiQwn ly tti.' falfc and ik-lnftirp naibe of ' l'rotoction to Am: lndueti'y. ' Ihac s stem is a perversión of all sound prinripleii of govornment. It iy lbo foiintaiix head of politica] corriiption, It ík a crying abuso of tho poWera of taxatíon. Tikc a liiilcinití víiiniíyrc ithan restod u]hu tho. breast and sucked tho lifo-bloott of the peoplc. It ia oue of the main causes, if not the main canso, of oxir hard times and buhinoss (foproasion, It hiifl shnt na out trom tibomacketeof uie%ld. H lm divroyeü our si:]]i]i;iiíí and drivcii our carrying trade into Britihli bot tome, uudor .the lyn toctinff Anitriran labor, ft -wiM'd our flupr arul coiunuïrce from thfl liiííh KUi 'i hflfl pazftlyzod OUT iiulujstry and (lisablod lis froni conpetine with fortgo product and niaiiiifactures, both at hojxio and abroad. It has inenasod tho cont of HtKir to an intolerable: exlcut. It lia.s iiitpivoriKln'l the jiiany for UiQ rrupted and dtmöfaliitd out' Congrees. Il lia dlminishcd instead of ïnirroaftiiiR Ifle Nrvdfius, It ík tMBwd nlion a poiicy of Chinese wajto, which has Ioug Hincc been condeumcd by modern geiene and en,liifhtenod political econoniy. It is incompatible With reAaon, justioe and Denocrftcyt It is a f rand and u bhaui. It is worse than highwar robbery, beoauêe its crimes are couunittet! bjr the GÖvernmont. against hiHi tlir poople arr1 h-lplcas. For this sjeteitt tho. iïojmblican party ík responsable, It lias faatemíd it npon the couufry. lt hav increased instead of lighteniijg itp burdune. It ïb to its dof on bc andmaintenanco. In this roBpoet thP Eo publican party is the nwüsaor-nf t.i;o uld Wliig party, as Kiufi Stork was tm buocPbqoc of Kinxr J.og. For yearp the Deïnocratic party, standing in bootlosR fear of Pennsylvanía. had not dared to give a cound uttrauce n uva nueti"n. It had w' iaivü .o Ij. uuutoiis owii buttf-r tseJí, but had donii il fts principies and thfirlogïcalcobaQuences, a Potor bad deuiod Ohrist. But at last the man of courage and conviotiowi coaac, and made tlio varty - It liatt spokcu üod's gloriüUB truih, and Uk bold Bpecch wil! be aunworetl, IÜe the Blgnal of Rhoderick"Db.u in the Higtilands, by thotiands of carnest men rcady and cager for the fray. 'f USVVf fhiuglftí grav t.heir lancet ;;t.nvt, The I . Is forti) the dart; The niíhK and tho willnw wand Aro bristlintí into ax and brand, And evcry tuft of broomgivcs lifo, To plaided warrior, arined for trifc." I Las bt'CU objeelcd that the tariff quegtfon in not at itwuo in tilín cainpftijrn. ÜiHt yon may roet asstired that it will bo made an iestte, and will have bt-come an i s 1 1 í í before W6 aro bix weeks oldef. Tho workÍDginen wlio aro. but of omploynient, whilo. tlio. costs rf living nro intolerable; tho. raorolmntfl who aro nnablö to mak j expenses ; tho f irmei'.s, who can hardly caru cnongii topay their taxes; tho. ïuanufacturers, who can hot Bell what they produce, will domand a si'ttlcment of the tariíY qtteetton the moment oyes avo opo.nod. You must consider that the geaeratiou now living han nevor hoard a thorotigh and sonrehinfí disoussíon of tn!fl rjuestlon. H will he it tliin yiariortlu) first time, anda hearing ia all we want. Give the trutli n hcariuu, and tho intelligent and practical American people will not retnain fort-ver blind lo tho suú-itlal pnlicy of this mouptroiiR and iniqoitoufl Kyptem. Tto Amuricai peoplc will floou realizo tlio truth of what Thomas JelVcrson paiil, that not the foBtcring of or uirddlinR with intereptf, but the prótectïcrn of rigTits only Irgitimate purposo of Ropublioan Oovrrnnu'iit, and that for this purpopu aluuo jt eau tax its citizens. 1 do not demand that A or B ehall !■ taxefl for the benefit of my private bnBinonB, lmt the Uovernmcnt eannot rightfwlly tax you orme for the private fulvautage of A or li, To Lako uiouey out of your pocket and put H, not into the treasury, but into poinobody olBo.'d poflkr't, ia no longcr tiixation it is conliticaiion aud robbery. SL'Ml'TUARV Z.BGI3LA.TION. Witli cquaï boldnogfl and manliness the St. Louis Coiivention lias pronouiií'cil against tin1 paternal or interforonee theory of i:ivi riniient in the shapo of Humptuary laws ; laws by tvtiich tb1 euro of [ ual morality is to bo int r usted to tho constabulary and local pólilfcians; laws whirh rost on tlie preBumption that tlio. plan of creatiou can lo. nmended and lituuan nature bo changed by at-ts of the Genoral Assetubly ; Ifprs which are bated on the belief that municipal authority can makc of cortain wcakor vossolg what tht' lamily, tho prhool jirul the drmrch had beon uuable to makr; of t lietn ; law wtiieii de clare that man must not be a íret: agent, bul perpetually stands in neeflof a guardián, and that ihat uardian mut be tho State, or, in other wofdn, !()■ tglalativQ and exenitive pnilnci of our bcauMfuI aystem of caucuses and primaries, The political representativo and ombodiinont of this Illfbera! and intolerant spirit is tho liepublican party, which, on coimnorcial a wcll aw ocial piotion, is tredded to the Idea that man irtuet not bo left. tn liimslf, bnt that the governnieut - Fedorítl Wtuf.i oi" Timiiii'i nal - riiinliitp lii-iii in overyüung, do everytliiiiji lor evcrybucly, and take 3 away the rattlc Lor foar tliat it nii-iht swallow the t ehild. I do not dispute fact tlial now and thrn tlie Democratie party, or, to spcak more correctly, a individual members of it, have iiliowc.d tliouist-lves " ín bc misled by a timid def ronce to whai thoy mist oti for the ]rov;iiliiiíí opinión, into u:tn or uttcrJ ufcdu inconsistent with the natural opposition of f tlie party to the iutr-rforonee th-ory of f;overnmci.l ; , but Hs funeral sentimcutp, dril't and tendeocies on i tuis question wen right, whfie thoe of the ftepubliuu party were radically and persistently Still, up to ttiiti t mi e, the Democratie oppositiou to sinnptu'iry leglelation bad been a pontimeiit or a ' l&aa&aéy raeroly ; but now, it haf boeome an artiole i of luit li. The party hrw nyw opeuly and boldly dei clorad its belief in individual lilorty unvexed by i Buch lcgislation; and lienccí'ortíi tbo spirit of . Thomas -Jefferson will battlc agafrfet thdBpfrtt of Cottou Mather, on tho samo side on whicli the weapons oï Adam Siuith, Bastiat and Hsrbert 1 Spenoer wlll bc arrayed againsf ötfó fftnades of Pig Iron Kelly and Charles Hrnry Carey. TUK (TltKKNcY (jUESTION. And now, as to thu currency queRtion. The pithl icst way of exfrreesiDg what tlie si. Loiils platform Í is on the snbject wmilrt bc to sny that lt is "pound . as a Hollar," I do iiot uifau a printd dollar, oon' taluiiiK tho brokpii promiua of tbo (lovtrinnmt, whicli tlif1 law eoaapela VOU lO accept for a real dollar; but I mea-ö tho dollar tbát clmiLs,"' the old Democratie dollar in whlch yon and I had bel ie vea bofore the dilapidateil survivors of the old Whig party had arisen to tcurh ub Democracy. Thr st. , Louis platform declares equarcly ín favor of the old lijnton dollar, by whlch nubody lias eyer been dr(!civcd. It piedle us to ilie currency of f ilized worldt a currency whlch f i uiyand thrift infltead of tompting to prodigalfty and cxtravaftance; a currency which fs not a cham nul a ■elnsTon, but has intrintuc vatue and representa actual lalwr; a currney which hftf alwnys boii-fht and will always buy tho QecöBöarieB and luxuriofi of if amoDg all natioua ;md ;it ftll places1; a currency ■wíi icli liever break ; the currency of pold nml silver uudcr which the country had attatiird h and soundest prosperlty, ñatead of ilm currenry nnder which our iudustry and ooxnxnefOe hav snffered, and are now mifl'ericjr, their lowest depresBion. Thcre is one clause in, tho financia1, plank of Uie St. Louis platform whlch I did nnt !lko. lïr.i n with tiiiH elauae it is tx-tt'T, olearei and more decided for a return to tound juoney than the jIatform adopted at Cincinnatí. A comparlson of tlio rooord of the fcwo convrutiona will teil the tale. Iho lle.publican Conven tioii agrecd upon a few iriitu-riug genraltio In favor of a specie basis, but (Uajivowiug the work of it own CoügrcsH volüd down a proviso that tho return to a bard-uiouey baeiH shoiild uot bc. doJayod bey ond the tune fixod by tiio lieenmytipn law. The Democratie Conv nlion, on Ukc otlier band, declaren tliat law to a hindraúco to resuffipjjoxi, and deniands Che rtípe! of that part of it which t'ixca the lst of January, 1879, as tin: time for n-mnnptioTi. Al, the name however, tho tíonvenÜon rotes down a niotion for th'1 nnconditional rop'-al o) Üi'1 lavr, mui by deju.'iii'liiifi the rèpO-al of nnrely iii" eian.-i , ;i po-tbonlsg rlAusei léftvea In oention the machutery creatod for, and tho powers givcn tu. the Sccretary of the Truasury for the ptirpose of eiffëctïng restimptton. Now, let us have tmch a Secrctary of tlio Treasury aH Mr. Tildón wíH appoiut, and the pnrrenoy problem wlH Be aolved without troabla or tlifficulty on or bofore the day on wdich WÍ have pledged oureelveB to do wüat wc BliouUl havo dono Jong ago, and, tet mo adel, what eouM liuvi tong wo, bad nol the nüiu party btcnboth uttcrly Inoapaole and entlrely dnwjliin to do so, if tlio eunvney queníion han becnnie a daiiger and a thrcat, it in the fault of tnoso wlio, for tUc last tifteen as, h&xe íhm ii In liudisturbod posseBsiou of tho whole power of povfrninent without nsing it for the fuilillment of a dnty which they now ii,vyooriiicjiUy r by uoni t f mouth, whilo their aeeda oLly pzore theii derettottoiu THE EFPEeCS 99 'HIK l'lVTl'OllM. lam fully Batisti.a with the platform, and I f cel ; lh;it by il.s adOptlon tho JDfllOocratiu jutrty lias ; 1 ;i 1 1. -i t te iteeU all Um aaraegj meu who have not bcretoforp, orat least uot iately, cx-opisraioi] with it, but who eci'ioiisly lui'iin wliat tin1 platform j manda. Yon sec a great maro ot tluui Is thia hal to-uifíhí.. .Sume oí iIkhi have been ailetit teryears, : bui they wil! be Veard froin nnv, aud tin , '■iii:ü wül br iclt all ovtr the couuü'y. Th all ' aliüQ that by . boitUy proclaiuüntr wliat no poliUcal ; conveatiou had dared to aay for nearly a generai tion. tflb ïin'ii of St. Louift have rcndrrcil a e l whieh eutitlca tlu-iu to Uu gcaiittido or' the Ann-rij (-au people. ïlila Bftfvieê ill bc recogí] z cl :mï , :tj ]u ■ ii;itctl by all thinking and Iridepoö&eói men. They are comiiig to you now, and they will stay ■ u as loos ;t" yoo adhers umi live up to these principies. Aud th(-ir uuaibcrs, and couscquently í í yoiir, wiil Kwoll ill iJfrijjofHon to tlte slnciity whteh you manifest Í the deforme flttd ap lUiuation oí theae principios. lili: CANIUDATE. I anietinAllysatiHfiud wlth the candidato. Thero artïHoxuu whonaj tbat fcnorJcdge íh power. There arr othors who say tii:it wil iflfJowef. I am not wflllng to say wblca of the two opinión appvaf to liii the hettcr. But this 1 eau Bay : Gdv. Til botli the iHi'.v( ;.- of kjiowlcdec n the pom-f of vrili. Ho hnowK Wltat is Hffht in prinêitole, u&'l hu luis the courage ;lni bill to carry it out m Ajïd il '.!;■ ■ udic$tioQ of a frte&i lucd or & í nf'intfplc flhoiildrorjxrïrc hlm to ;tiii)rlllizfi :ul or a DQwerXul ttentiment in JUis oWn party, üe basshown that he póssessefl the nervc to do n(. Beitift raíl i ffi ':■■ ÍS Hoht lui iïocH)]"t bMt-f tn to go fthcttd, gjviug out a Uit' cirder pi the ddy tho sehtiñaents ofms dispatcn toS$. Louífi ! 'Mke DO i-oniii; otodse Hi'1 Wc know that it wan Saiunc;l J. Tilden who se:urii Che coñvitítlon oí BossTweo'd. We know lh;il i 9kè wt. ''Üi'fn #hd --vvrllircw tho powcrful caual ciug in bi Stato. 'Vo haow thflt u J"ernor of ÍTcw York acdonípllatteu ;i ríJotitítlofi "i ;ai s unjiaralleled in thosc days of nxtravagaiit ailmiinstraUone. ab .1 reformer !i" is uot ;i alan of einpty wotUa aiitl higti-sonndhib flecíamatichií but a living vcality, dfeadi d by ewl doer, whilo reaeBiiriiig to the 1 ■'!:'. r-l :-i nU(Qont "f the country. rt is aíd ïiow tbat ne otO ai! fhcBí dhitioa fo hin owii iHTHoiiitl jit-'raudizoineiit - not for the i'-'lili" Kood. l Jo not carO íor the psycholocical iurnüfy w]tv )i dii! them ; all I care for lies in tho wtuliborn Ue! that !ie Lid du Llu'Ui. Yon OM) mil way this of a number of our public men. Between the '. rly g(Miil itKui, wlio inrans well, and whose luutivei aro of angellc uuialLBhsies8, but who does or attenipte not 11 Ing In tho figW diretïtlon - between the purc-iiioiiviui mail WhÖ íiíls i-'.rr pináhe(l a "riüjí," and uevcr uiaiU' himseli OlmöÜotiÖ .tö Ui" iii;in:iTsof rings, un oiif! nMe, ftnI the aímíHidnS iiiiiitiiu thüothor, who does tho right tbiutf :- siwly, Btopa 1 xtravagance, cuta down taiation, cxpoBCH oomiptkm, and brings jjolitical crimináis to justietï, beoatiso üe wants to maleo a great naiuc anti ouf a great futurefor himsolf, rívo me the m:m who docRtlio tl) in-1, ÜO tn-iÜcr !ial lii motives are. Thelleimblicau panty (tiivt-nitti ring-braakera out of the Caoinet, and defc-ats them In Ita ccnivon titus; InityouhavA had the good BOntfe 'nul fctoe pluck tü nomínate yiur rin-breakr frr the J'reBidency. If Mr. Tilden win do in the Government of tho United Statos what he has done as Go vernor of ííew York, I soleruniy undertake to aay that the por,]iie will never enter toto a metanyslcal invoKtigatíon whothcr hi motive was simply. puroly and pxclusively tb q oï theimblic welfare, or whether hc alRo hUd in i'ièw the fame, reputatiou andK'lnry "f SannH'l -T. Tildoli. If whrtt lie has ■ loiur wastlojH' for effect hmti-Iv, let ub have the man who will do these tbiutfs for effect. It is the ''■ tod of man wi; want in thePresidentialchair. Mr, TiUlen'e serviccB ub a puolie man aad a statesman werc not conÜned to hie functiona as Oovernor of New York. He has done more. ,He Mas taken hold of Wp own naxts aml 1 i 1" 1 ; 1 it out of tlieslonghot dcspmid anri lndlfFerenee, and jmt it on lite track of fatuta ueefulnees and eiHuieney, He brought it back to the ideas and principies which had always bcon aeatod by the approval of the .merk-aoi ];oplo wlieiK'ver its .judgment nixn them wan propêrly íuvokea. lío has changed the politi1 ;ü aituatloK, h v-'Hh dn rïi(rhaïiter?s wand, JeffiTHnnian DcLuocray bad 8lpt, liarbarossa in the KifTbausor mountaiiij bilt Tilden's Imglc blaBt has broken tl 10 b]h"'1I of it en0kant&d nlffp. Once more the battle betwetn the Jcffersoniau and HamUtonian theoiy of govB'rnmënt will be ablaiie. ünco more we sball dwMM tho trne purposes and limit s of goverimi'jiit and tdxatioii: Once mom tïio ijnesttot] 111 tw irsttxl wfeethPt gc#T= ernnient-a are niatle for liie beneiit oí man, or tor the bcnefÚ of thoso who goyerji híui. Once moro wo sbáti appiéal lo thá peopío whether tho niany hhall In' iaxfii lor Ue benefit of tho fow. h lm tbJrik oh tbeae íjucations as I di) have at ast i'iiiini i ftotrie. On tlio s&Very quoplion, and all qucistions aifeeltng the Union aml cqitul rights, I was a Republioan. lint theeo qaostiQiifl being penñAnently BctÜed ;tni dinti -Vl'i f I stand vmere i li:nl .■lüiui Ibhg beioie tiici ibUcao party - on the fundamental principies lala aowïl uy Üu aiiihor oí th6 I) olaríition of Tndepeudence. Amï now, Mr. l'rcBident, I shall Rivfi way to the far-ablet gentlemen who will foHow me. I do not chtiui to Hpvak l'or anybody but myself. I do not represeit auyíhing but my own cunvictions an.d opinioT'S; I do not control any political element but whíit yott setí before yoü uilder Iki8 coat. I carry do nian's vote in Jmy pocket büt my owli, ÜXil that individual vote sfatíi Bé cast in undyiníí opphsition to the pitcrnal or intcrl'iTt'nce thcory of governmont; and, confie ojien tl y. at the approachíng eiectíon it tihall be cast for individual liberty, nníVtti-rrd induHtry, iinstiackled eommerco, ffeo trade, hui'd luoney, aud Samuel J. Tilden.


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