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Gov. Tilden's Pledge

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i no nonnnauon mauc vy ent öc. jüouib Couvention for Preüidenfc of the United títatqa vraa fonnally tendered to Gov. Tilden at bis remiden ce in íIiík city lat evening by the üomniíttee aj:poíutod for that purpouo by tbo convention. Brief epéeches vero made by Gen. McCIcn-iand, Címirman of the couiinittee. and by 1'. W. ITanna, of Indiana. Gov. Tilden replied, ín an carrtost, Jiupressivo tone, that conld be tüétinctlj heard ífi all pártfi oí tlie spacion parfórs, in tho foilovving wíu-ds : ; (ÍF.N. H0ClKBÍTANT AT GHXTr.KMKN OF THE Oommvitek: 1 shail at ni y earliewt convenience prepare and tranwrait to yon a formal aceeptance of ilir nojiiiiiütion which yon now tender to me iu beImlf of the Democratie National Convetitiou, and I do not dfgiro on thls ooertaion to aflticipate aay topic which i'i;írht be approjiriato to tbftt cotnmmiieation. It m;iy, ikimtvií1, bo OTÍE&tttécl Éd llie to nnv tliitt my nomination was nol a mere personal preferm-e be iwct'ii t:itiA:iiK aml stalcsiut'ii of tbia ropublie yho rujgút very well havo bcxn cboseo for so ilistintiitíbod an honor and for bo aujiUbt a dnty. It w rother a dcclaTation oí tbat nlnetríoxia 6ody íri wH068 béfcWI ou í-peak ín fivor of adiuiuistrativf! reform witb which BooÉ Uad isfjociíit'ul me m the jjiiUlic iniiul. strongtb, theunivertiality,anl the fliiru jíc.y oí tho il'inund Tur adniiiiistrativo reform in all govérnment, nid etpecially iu tbe adminiKtration nf the Pöeral Govertunent, with whjcü tbc Democratie massefl overywhero wcre instinct, bas K-1 to a agries of turpriftea in tbe popular asflcm blages and perbapa in the eonvention itsclf. It wouhï be unnatiiral, genflèmêll, if a popular move ment no geuuine aud o jJOWt-rXul Rhould stop witb 'J,5. 0,000 Dnuoi-rats ; tl i at it should not extcnil by ooátagion to that Niré Öiaaè of independent votors who i-t :imï partías in our country, and oven the moderato porUon ol the party uuckr whose adminietration tho t;vils to lie cörrêctod have grown up. And }f:rhai's in what we have witncssoil tli-]-,iu;iy bo au augufy in respect to what wo Juay witnesH in tbfe efeoiion about to talie plaot tbrinfh'iut our cijiiiitr.v ; ;ti. h-:it i t i:s ÏUJf9 so.aiul bi li(.'i: $o, I am not without experiencoof the difflculty of tbe labor of oft'ectinif aJminitr;itive re innn whr-Ve it re(jiiiri -si a rcvolutiou in policios and in mcafwres long estamished in covcrnioent. If I were tojúdge by ;)i ■ ■ ar and a half fhtfing wliieh I liavebcen ín the ■ . - criii:i")it, 1. wuuld gay that the routine dutieM of thö trut I Hftve luul Imposèd on me are a mutiU hurdt-ii comparctl witli tb at Ötfêatöd by llir :itWmpt lip chance the policy of tbc Government of wkicli I feaye been tho execotive head, Espet-if.l ly is fhis bo VnOÊ&té the reform is to bo worked out with more or less of co-operation of public i!iïi.rn who eitbor bftve Úeen taiut-d with tho cvils to bc rtjdiv.ssfil, er wlio have been incapaoitated by thü Lal ut of toli'nttioii of the wrougs to by corrected, a 1 1 . 1 to Whfeh thfy have been consentí n wit. I therefore- if yoni choiep Bhould be ratiiicü by thü pedple at tho clt et ion- should etitèr ïipoii the preat duties which wouUl fall upon me, uot as a liolidiiy rr:-:--atioii, bul ny nnu-.h in tliat spirit of conaecration m which thé soldier enters battle. [Ajplanse.] lïut let uk be llevé, a I do believe, that we tíow eée Ui-1 il;ivn oí a botter ilay for our country, ;ind th:d, diiüciilt hs is Uw work to which the DemocsAta p;irty, with njiiny allies and former members of pttier ):irti(if, had Kdd6B8fid liself, toe repnblic is tu be rouovated ; is to Üyc in all tiit: iuturo iiud to bo traheinilted to Buccoeolng tfeueratiODs, as JeffprRon contributcd to foriii it iu hit iay, and as it haa biitu ever sim-e, imtil a recent period, a blussiiifi to the whole peojjle and a hope to all mankind. [ApplauBp.] tJt'ntkmfU, I thank ou for tlie very k iud teínas in whïch yon havo made your communicatiou, and I extend'to you, i-oll etivrly and iiulividually, a most i greetínj?. L Applaufto.J Upou the conclusión of hia romarliti, Gov. Tilden sbook lAndfl With Gen. McCIemand, Ml. Miuphy and otbera of tbe committ66, aud ;UI wcro iiivttrd k) a coliatiüii that bad beon propared for the oceaaion. Thü mombers oí tbe comznitlec and otiier friendo oí tho Governor present gathered around him to expresa tbeir congratulations and admire hinicrf their coufidenco iu his eloctionnext íalL __


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