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The Candidate Of Real Reform

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As regaras Mr. Tilden hirasolf,"vlion t-lie aiiestioufl before (lio country aro the reform of the udministration, of llie curreney, and of tlio svstem of taxatiofi, and tlio restoration tlio süpWmaoy of tlio law over all oflieers of tlio Government, tbere would, if he wore not tho nomíuec of the Democratie party, aud had not been one of itn leaders Bince 1860, be in our luind little dith'culty in deciding t-hat be ia tho man for tlio rrosideney. Of bis aluüty to tight tho prevailing forma of corrupfion. of bis Conrado and determination in doiug it, even ivhun the offoudcrs aro men of bis owu political faitb, lio has givon an excellent exnmple in tho Governorahip of New York. That he ia fully master of the curreney queation, and ia a consiimmato man of buinenn, and a lawycr of no ordinary talent, and es]M'ciaIly that BOrt of talent which h1kiv; ■ i.-cir Beat íii fleüitó nitfa ttae knottv an.l iutrioate problema of affaira, are thinga well known to all wiio are at all familiar wilb biü chiiraetcr or career. Tlie belief whioli lia wiáely prevailod that be would, iu auy política) place ofgreat power or profit, be siirrounded by the worst element of theDemco;ate arty, seems to have been snflivicntly refutod by Ih l'ai'l fhat tliis olcmont is nowberc BO Btrong as in bis own Ktate and that tiiere, nevertlieless, he bas not h:sitated to engago in bitter warfaro with it, am i to mear its nnfefenting hosility. lts a9hereiicó Tril! probably nevor be no valuable to hiitt sgain ax it wonld have been at St. Lonis, and thore. névertheless, it was arrayad agaúisthtm: In Short, conosAng that aman iiklv Work fbi' the l'reyidcntial nimination for 'liiniHi-lf, noüiin;; ■ n weil "be nnn-r honor able thjrn tlie nieaiiH by which Mr, Tilden bas seeuied it. Ho baK boon, in lbo pomtion w'incli bo now ÜIIh, the roBolute poñoer if iba rings by wirioB the ktaiuree of bith partios have niadn l'ortmios out of the canals; lic hos been the lirm supporter of hard moiicy in the teeth of thü iiillatiouist vunv of a laryo )uoporlion ot tno Doniociatic; party ; and ho bas üouglit iioither favor nor accouimodatiou trom tho New York factinn wjiicli haa bl'OUgllt bo ruuuh on the party. l'iiially, iic ban roilght llio party to sneak Out boldly, even if obseurely, n its platform in favor of Hpecio payinentts and civil-Mtirvico reform, and to nomínate its abieut and leastjbjectionablo candidate. These are uot viocn to himsolf of liie party Bimnly ; they are services to the whole country, whother 14r. 'i'ildeu t'e oleetd or not, wo arn indebted to him for haviilg raisetl politics to a higher level, and for having wiped out, as t'ar ag it can oe wiped out bj mere uttoranco, the na(ional rnproacli tliat a party couiaiuiDg nearly lialf thé voters was avowëdly given ovor to nljHtrlictioti and mischief, and occupiod itself wolely with lanienting tlie iiretrievablo and propQaiiig the impracticable. As regard the pjatform, wc feol bound to ey tliat it ueems to lis jïèatly superior to Ur.K drwn up at Cineinnati. Xn (tot, to us, who behevo lliat tho great curse of tjio politics of the day ara Cant and insincerily, and lts great needg honestv and diroetneH in - Í; artfi action, it i.s difneult to avoid placiug tbe Demoeiatio ConTention, judgert m its speech and action, on higher moral plañe altegether than the ilepntlic%D'. We Hay thits whilo reoognizinc fully tlio hihor average of cturaPt'!'1 o' tli latter, and while acknoTrledging that the piátfoW) Mlng prepared by a Bmall knot of metl sii'l lopted without, or with but little, disctisHion, oaunot bc Bnrely taken to eipreei even the average opinión of any conventioiii But it munt bc admittetl tíút the stílall hnot wbicli prepared tho platform at fit. Louis had apparently more ahwply-defined coUVlctio) about pnblic questions. ;ln( a deeper appreoialion of the need of the hour thiuj the small knot 'hicb. prepared the platform at Cincinuati; VVe( for our part, coiisider the Democratie declaration in favor of civil-sorvico reform, ruilo as full as tliat oí tl)O J.tepublicaUH, more creuitabifl, as rtade fey a party wliicü is out of ollice, and wukül biis Jio, üke the Republican larty, mado one shcIi lee!ai:alion alrcady, and tben, with the meann of carrjiug it Uto executiou in itn haudfl, upt only falnified it, but tbrough ita leadiug men ridiculed it. Au rep ere! tho denmnd in tho St. Louis platform for the repeal o the BeHumptkn act, wo think it cannot be too tíevc-rely condemned, oveu when coupled with a promiso to ret#ni to specie payments by ome otberprocoss ; blHthmdemand, olijectioiiable as it i, liaa nevertholoBÜ m 1onest ring abont it compared with tlio delibérate ovasion by the Cinciimuti Convention of any mention of the act at all, wben it was kuown to tlO tho object of much attack, and was put on the tatnto book by the Ke]mblicai) party itself. 80, also, wo will eay frankly that, in theso áays of deceit an'l tergiYernatiou, we think an ontspoken anti-MoDgoliau plank, such a tbe Demócrata have produced, is a better eridanco of a generally-eouud moral condition than the evasive nttcrance by which the liepiiblican party, with its devotion to tfual righto, bas souglit to ptodnee the Impresmon, wliiie promising nothiug, thftt it thooght Jlongoliau immigratiou iujurioiis to Iho state, aud would do something to sUip it. And, un lesa platforms are to bo-acceptcd as unnieaning bits of verbiage, to which we truel the people will never agree, we must contrast, to the heavy dinadvantage of the Republicana, their ftiaefeewent of the present soandalous administration of Oen. Grant HiHiíliñ indiotmeiit of it presented by the ilomoratg. Whatevor bo the eharaeter or antecedente of tho Demócrata, and howevcr unlikely thcy iaay bo to do beiter theinsclves, wbat they say of Gen. Grant's adiuinistnitiou i true, or the language which honest men uught to use; while what theltepiiblicanöaay of it is filse, and lays anybody w!io says il. however pure or respectable, open to just and grave guspioion, In short, it ie not unfair to hold that any party which opcnly approvesof tliat administration is unflt at thia crisis to mie tlie couutry.


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